Name a Rogue or two

Happy February!Have you ever wondered about the writing process of your favorite authors? Well, if you were ever interested in my writing habits buckle up, or get a cup of tea, because I am about to spill some secrets.I am currently working on a few...

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Feb 03, 2023
Did you win the book mail?

How is 2023 treating you?I am currently back in my home country (Kazakhstan), eating tasty meaty foods, and looking out the window at the snow covered streets. Do not worry, I am writing as well. I am working on the few projects at once, because it's...

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Jan 20, 2023
Merry Christmas! Celebrate with over 800 free books

Hiya!I'll be super quick today.Today is the quarterly free romance books day!And I made my book An Agreement with the Soldier free for this event!Free book!So if you haven't checked it out, today would be a perfect day to do so. You can get it along...

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Dec 26, 2022
Cover Reveal, Thailand update and a poll!

Hey!How are you doing?I am finally back from my vacation in Thailand. And let me tell you, I needed a break. I lay on the beach, traveled to different islands, went to an elephant sanctuary and ate Thai food. Now, with the renewed strength I am back...

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Dec 14, 2022
An Offer from the Marquess (Alternative Scenes)

Marquess’s alternative arrival home. “Enough!” Vane roared and suddenly everything stopped. The dog that could not have been tamed by two footmen, Isabel, and a maid, plopped down, all attention on his master. Isabel, who still tugged on his collar,...

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Mar 03, 2022
Secrets of the Wicked Viscount (Deleted Scene)

On the day of Caroline and Kensington’s wedding, Olivia was on pins and needles. She couldn’t shake the numbness out of her limbs or her mind. She was worried for Caroline. She was concerned about Lavinia. And she was still upset with Jarvis. Because...

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Oct 23, 2021
A Return of the Wicked Earl (Extra Epilogue)

Paris, Summer 1741 Annalise stood on the pedestal in a translucent nightgown, which was cut in strategic places and barely covered any part of her body. Her breasts were peeking out of the décolletage, her creamy white skin was covered in goosebumps....

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Oct 15, 2021
A Bargain with the Rake (Extra Epilogue)

Gabriel looked tenderly at his wife, as he studied the gentle curve of her neck and the golden freckles spread upon her milky-white complexion. She wasn’t a lady to shield herself from the sun, and this was one of the million reasons he loved her. “A...

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Jul 23, 2021
An Agreement with the Soldier (Deleted Scene)

This work of fiction contains adult themes. Do not read further to avoid explicit content. This is unedited deleted scene from the manuscript. Events takes place between chapter 24 and 25. The moment John saw Sam, he disengaged from the group of work...

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Apr 12, 2021
A Deal with the Earl (Deleted Scene)

This work of fiction contains adult themes. Do not read further to avoid explicit content. Summer, 1808 Robert sat in a smoke filled room. Giggles and sultry whispers of the half—or perhaps already fully—naked women surrounded him. His friends were s...

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Feb 18, 2021
To Fall for a Duke by Christmas (Extra Epilogue)

Peacehaven, June 5th, 1757. Niamh was sitting on her favorite bench, looking out to the sea and inhaling the comforting scent of water and salt. This peaceful view was one of the main reasons Peacehaven was her favorite estate. What could be better t...

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Feb 11, 2021
Street Team Terms and Conditions

What is a Street Team? Street team is a readers group formed from a group of people who are fan of a particular author’s work. In this case, Miss Sadie Bosque’s. Who are Street Team members? Street Team members are fans. People who are excited about...

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Dec 07, 2020
ARC Reader terms and conditions

What is an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) Advance Readers Copy is a finished or almost finished version of a book, given out for free to select group of readers for a free honest review. Who is an ARC reader? ARC readers are usually avid, voracious read...

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Nov 13, 2020