Revenge, betrayal, and lies... and oh, a Christmas ARC!

Oct 21, 2022 12:01 pm



Happy spooky season!

I am super busy finishing up my upcoming release Taming His Wicked Duchess. I have been looking forward to this book since I started The Shadows series, and it's finally--almost--here!

Well, it's not here yet, but it's on pre-order and you can grab it now before it's released. If you ARC read Ravishing His Wicked Lady, you might be eligible to get an ARC copy of this book, too.

If not, please, pre-order! This is book is one fun romp.

What is it about, you ask? Well, here's a short summary:

Mr. and Mrs. Smith meets Beauty and the Beast in this fiery enemies-to-lovers romance… 

He’s married to a cold, opportunistic shrew.

Dane, the Duke of Kensington, is having a very bad night. Not only is the musicale he attended exceptionally dull, but the after-party is deadly. Attacked in the dark and nearly murdered, he is unexpectedly saved by the person he hates most in all the world: his wife. 

She’s married to a monster. 

What do you do when you find your husband bleeding in an abandoned building? Carry him home and tie him to the bed, of course. 

And she’s ready to risk everything for her revenge.

Caroline, the Duchess of Kensington, isn't surprised to find her husband in suspicious circumstances. After all, she's already convinced he's a villain, involved in an evil plot of blackmail and slavery, not to mention responsible for her beloved uncle's death. 

A love born from enmity and strife...more powerful than anything they've known. 

Forced to call a truce, the duke and duchess must work together to untangle a perilous labyrinth of lies centering around the mysterious society The Shadows. As they spend time together, Caroline starts to fear that the man she married may not be the villain she believed him to be. 

In the end, the monster in her bed may be the only man who can save her from something even worse than himself…


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This book will be available on various retailers for a few days before going into Kindle Unlimited! So no matter where you prefer to read, chances are, you'll get to pick up this book.

Since Christmas time is approaching, me and my friends set up a new Holiday anthology! My story is a short but brand new Christmas tale about the characters you *might* recognize from book 4 of the Shadows series.

But even if you haven't read it yet... (Well, what are you waiting for? Read it now, before the following books are out!) But if you haven't read it yet, you still might enjoy this steamy Christmas short.


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I know this is a lot of news for lovers of The Shadows series. But what about Necessary Arrangements, you ask?

Well, book 2, An Agreement with the Soldier is officially on pre-order in audio format! Soon you'll be able to hear it in the lovely voices of Sienna Frances and Timothy Campbell!

Pre-order now!


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I hope you're having a great week!

As usual I have some recommendations from my friends.


Tom Courtney is a beast of the East End. Fighting his way up through the warrens, clubs, and halls of sins in London's darkest part of town, he has but one goal. . .

To survive and ensure that the weak aren't preyed upon. When he discovers a young lady is victim of a vicious bet. . . He cannot stop himself from coming to her aid. . .

Even if it might cost him everything he has ever won.

New Release!


The weather outside may be frightful... But this collection of Regency romances by some of your favorite authors is certain to be delightful!

Christmas is a time for kisses under the mistletoe, swirling silk gowns, and dances with one's true love under the glittering candlelight... This holiday season, celebrate the joy of romance with seven brand new tales from some of your favorite authors!

On WOLF Publishing's Naughty or Nice list, you'll find captivatingly sweet tales that melt your heart as well as sizzling romances that heat up your nights!

Find out who's been naughty and who's been nice this year, in...

Bree Wolf's: Once Upon an Aggravatingly Heroic Kiss

Once upon a time, our beloved Grandma Edie began her career as the best matchmaker in known history by using her extraordinary talent to bring about her own happily-ever-after...

Determined to perform a Christmas miracle by seeing her friend wed to the man she loves, Edith finds herself distracted from her task by a teasing gentleman with wicked eyes and a devilish smile.

Sydney Jane Baily's: A Diamond for Christmas

In a Regency Romeo and Juliet, heady desire blossoms between a lord and a lady from warring families.

Lord Geoffrey Diamond is the heir to an earldom with dash-fire to spare. There is no lady in London he ought not to be able to woo and win. Except one. Lady Caroline is vexed to learn the only man who makes her tingle is prohibited. Forbidden even to dance with Diamond, she finds herself breaking all the rules in order to follow her heart.

When they take a desperate chance on happiness, will it lead to a Christmas miracle or a Christmas calamity?

Tracy Sumner's: The Governess Gamble

He's a devil of a rake. Can an accidental governess teach him life's most important lesson?

To repair her scandalous reputation, American heiress Franny Shaw flees to London in search of a desperate nobleman with a title for sale. An impulsive decision places her in the path of lonely libertine, Chance Allerton, at Christmastide. Can a make-believe governess teach a wicked viscount a sizzling lesson in love or will it take a holiday miracle?

Fenna Edgewood's: The Countess's Christmas Groom

She is his ideal match. The woman he has been waiting for all of his life. The only problem? He's her servant. 

This Christmas, two very unlikely individuals are about to realize they are one another's ideal match. And once mutual desire has been sparked, they will never be parted, no matter the price they must face.

Charlie Lane's: A Very Daring Christmas

Christmas is the most daring time of the year.

Crowded London streets, eccentric shop keeps, violent-minded maids, and chaotic coffeehouses. A daring but reluctant debutant and the steward who adores her will brave it all to find the elusive perfect gift that could win their hearts desires.

Jennifer Monroe's: Gentleman of Christmas Past

A lady determined to find love. A gentleman wanting her hand in marriage. A Christmas story you will never forget.

Miss Agnes Fitzimmons and Mr. Phillip Rutley each have a Christmas wish—to marry one another. Yet with financial burdens threatening to keep them apart, it will take a Christmas miracle to have the happily ever after they deserve.

Meredith Bond's: Christmas Intrigue

Can the joy of Christmas, and a beautiful woman, distract him from his duty?

Is it a recipe for disaster? Not even close. Whether Markgraf Alexander Kottenfurst thinks the spirited Prudence Torrington is naughty or nice will determine if this Christmas intrigue will lead to something wonderful.

New Release!