Choose a carriage to whisk you away...

May 26, 2023 10:06 am


Hey there!

How are you doing? Summer is upon us! Are you ready for beach season? Unless you're down under, in which case, stock up for winter!

A couple of weeks ago I went to Vienna for a short impromptu trip and let me tell you... Austria was not welcoming summer. I had to buy a waterproof jacket because it rained the entire time. And it was freezing cold! Ok, maybe not freezing cold, but I was freezing. To be completely honest, though... despite being a northern girl most of my life, I am *always* freezing.

I still loved Vienna! It's a lovely city with amazing food, gorgeous architecture, and it's filled with history and music and art everywhere you turn around. I will definitely be back.

There were a few highlights of the trip. But ever since I started writing I now look at the places I visit from the historical author's point of view.

So, of course, I went to the Imperial Carriage Museum! And yes, I went to the Schonbrunn palace, too. But since they don't allow to take pictures inside, I can't share that with you. I'll just say that it's gorgeous!

But I brought you some pictures of the carriages. Tell me, which one is your favorite?


Writing update:

So, what am I writing now?

I am working on a few projects at the same time. Of course, I am writing William and Victoria's book. I started it a few months ago, and it's slowly, but surely trudging along.

I am also writing A Wager with the Gentleman, which is due in only a couple of months! And it will conclude the Necessary Arrangements series! Wow! That was a fun journey! I can't believe that series is almost over!

Aaand... I am also working on a super secret project which I will be able to tell you more about in June! Be on the lookout for my next email. That project is fun... and it already has exciting swag to go along with it.

Which book are you most excited about?

Oh, and I just released the second boxset of the Shadows series! So if you want to get books 4-6 a bit cheaper, or get them in Kindle unlimited so it doesn't take up space of 3 books, get the boxset now! And if you read the books already, I'd appreciate leaving a review!


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Ok... Here's a glimpse at what's to come next week!


Any guesses as to what the secret project is? Let me know your thoughts by shooting me an email.

In the meantime, let me remind you about a couple of my books....


Seducing Her Wicked Rogue

A grieving widow, but never a wife…

Mrs. Helen St. John was deeply in love with her first husband, and so was he. At least that's what she thought before he died. Now she lives with her cousins by marriage and gets a glimpse of what love and passion are truly like. Determined to find passion in life for herself she asks the most notorious rogue to teach her lessons in seduction. Little does she know that she has invited a serpent into the nest.

A drunkard, a wastrel and a scoundrel…

Ian McAllistair has always had to prove himself to his family and the rest of the world. He hoped entering into his majesty’s service would do just that. But everything goes wrong when the group of religious missionaries raids the brothel while Ian is on assignment and catches him in the most unsavory position. In one brief moment, he becomes the most popular man in England.

Having failed so spectacularly, the only way to earn back his King’s trust is to uncover the secret society that has been working in the shadows for years. Luckily, a beautiful, young widow asks for lessons in seduction, giving him access to the house of a suspected villain.

When a spark ignites between two lovers, Ian has a tough choice to face. But if his secrets won’t ruin their relationship, her secret just might.

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A timid bluestocking… 

Stuck in her little cottage with her three sisters and an aging father her entire life, Miss Beatrice Fowley has never had the chance to experience the real world. After being jilted by a charming viscount, she now has to marry a seventy-year-old lord intent on begetting an heir and a spare.

Having read plenty of books—most of which are romance—Beatrice has a list of things she wants to experience before the church bells toll her doom. Unfortunately, real life is far more dangerous, and Beatrice quickly realizes that she needs a guide and a guard.

Meets her surly knight…

Adam Lewis has lived in the shadow of his brothers his entire life. When he encounters his brother’s former fiancée in distress, once again, honor dictates he step in to lend her aid and clean up after his brother’s mistake. Only the lady will not accept just any kind of assistance! The stubborn and naïve young bluestocking insists she wishes to experience “real life” before she allows him to escort her home to be married.

And the wager is struck.

Coerced into helping Miss Fowley with her scandalous list, Adam plots to outsmart the bluestocking to get her out of his life quicker. But as passion and desire flare between the reluctant partners, they realize one item has been left off the list—what to do with their wild, rebellious hearts when it comes to the end of the road…?

A fun farewell to the beloved series.


For now, as usual, here're some book recommendations from me:


Sarah Lockwood is tired of having her poetry diminished merely because she’s a woman. Society holds no interest, and she’s in search of a poetry professor in one of the prestigious Oxford colleges to help her finish it. She ends up discovering a hidden duke who fences like a soldier and kisses like the devil.

She cannot be a poet. He must return to France to fight. So which is mightier: the duke or the sword?

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For a woman on the run…

Gemma Cassidy is the daughter of an earl—on the wrong side of the blanket. To make her way in the world, and escape her abusive father, Gemma will have to get her hands dirty. Masquerading as a stableboy, she realizes she isn’t only spying on the best horseracing stable in England, but the most magnificent duke in the land.

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All she wanted was a kiss…

What she got, was fiery passion…

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