This week only: Get Ravishing His Wicked lady for 99c!

Jun 24, 2023 9:43 am


Let's start Summer with a bang!

I have a bunch of discounts today and I won't keep you in suspense! I am just going to start rattling out all the deals.

First, Amazon decided to have a Kindle deal for Secrets of the Wicked Viscount, book 2 of the Shadows series. It's $2.49 TODAY only! But only in the US and Canada. (Sorry guys in other countries, amazon does what amazon wants.)

But to match the deal, this week only, Ravishing His Wicked Lady is 99c (or equivalent) worldwide!

It's a great incentive for you guys to start The Shadows series if you haven't done so. They're also available in Kindle Unlimited.


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Here's a little Sneak Peek into Ravishing His Wicked Lady.


“Do you know that I have never been kissed before?”

Sebastian blinked. He didn’t expect the conversation to take this turn. He cleared his throat before he could speak. “No, I did not know that.”

“I wonder if it’s nice,” she slurred lightly. “Is it nice?”

His eyes lowered to her lips without his conscious thought. She licked her lips slowly, and Sebastian’s groin hardened. Damn. “Very nice.”

“Show me,” she breathed.

Sebastian realized that he was still holding her cheek in his hand. He stepped away. “I don’t think you should be asking strange men to kiss you when you’re alone in their studio, extremely, top-heavy drunk.”

“I absolutely agree.” Lavinia took his face between her palms and planted a kiss on his lips.



99c limited time deal!

But that's not all!

There are more 99c books today!


99c books!

I am currently working on A Wager with the Gentleman and having a lot of fun. I haven't written a true grumpy-sunshine dynamic (I don't think) and it has me chuckling all the time.

If you are looking forward to the conclusion of the Necessary Arrangements series, it's coming out soon!



Those of you who are NOT ready to say goodbye to the Necessary Arrangements world... well, be certain that those characters will return in my other Regency Romance books. Including the Mad Duke March.



That's enough from me! And as usual I have some recommendations from my friends.

New Releases from my friends:


Abandoned by all, save a cold-hearted rake…

Sophia, once betrothed to Major Giles Butler, who shot the Duke of Cuttyngham in a duel, has become the companion of the widowed duchess. In theory, at least. But when the duchess also abandons Sophia at Cuttyngs, her past catches up with her in the shape of her bullying cousins. Sophia finds herself indebted to the late duke’s second, the haughty Earl of Frostbrook, whom she remembers only too well from a previous shocking, and secretly pleasurable, encounter.

Frostbrook, pursued by every matchmaking mama and hounded by his own mother to accept a bride of her choosing, decides to play a trick on them all by producing his own pretend engagement to the beautiful but prickly Sophia. Their charade at his mother’s country house party sets off a string of unforeseen events such as falling in love, and a dangerous abduction.

Frostbrook pursues Sophia across the sea and as far as Brussels, where Wellington’s troops are amassing to face Bonaparte’s army.

Here, among the scandal-loving British visitors, he and Sophia must unite to overcome their pasts and find a chance of happiness.

New Release!


Drawn together to break a code, will Hope and Anthony fight for their forbidden love?

His family name sullied after his father was branded a traitor, Anthony, Lord Whitehall, is fed up with all of the ton. His only allegiance is to his small group of daredevil friends, which is why he agrees to help break a code that is discovered as the next clue in their treasure hunt. The code he didn’t realize he would have to break? One in the form of an angelic blond woman who sees the world in sunlight.

Lady Hope Newfield believes love is worth waiting for — it just hasn’t found her yet. Then a surly viscount takes up residence at her family’s country home. She cannot help the irresistible pull to him as he attempts to solve the code, despite the fact that her father has strictly forbid any connection between the viscount and his daughters.

As the hunt to break the code intensifies, so does the danger that follows them, Anthony’s own search into the past, and the irresistible attraction between Hope and Anthony. Will they listen to her father and the voices of reason in their heads, or give in to all of their desires?

New Release!


Book 1: A Love Match for the Marquess

Find the perfect wife? Check. Marry the lady? Check. Move on with life? … This Marquess’ marriage is not turning out the way he expected. His fiery bride has won his hand, now can she win his heart?

Book 2: Meant to be Mine

The London Season is for finding your match…unless your wayward fiancé refuses to marry you. What’s a quiet country wallflower to do?

Book 3: Love Once Lost

Once burned by her love, he’s not fool enough to fall again. But this fiery vixen will not be denied. As they unravel a mystery together, will they find their way back to each other … or be lost forever?

99c sale!

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