The Shadows are in Kindle Unlimited!

Jul 22, 2022 3:22 pm


Hey there!

How are you doing? I am lying in bed sick with covid... again! The first time was in 2020 pre-vaccines and when I just started my writing journey. It was torturous and long and this time is not much different.

Well, it is different. My lungs don't hurt and my fever lasted but a day. But the headache this time was ruthless, and I am still suffering a bit. I find it unfair, because I rarely leave my house... I am a writer, after all! And yet, I managed to catch it again.

Anyway, it didn't alter my writing schedule much, only I am doing it in-between naps now.

How is your health? Have you avoided covid so far?

Well, enough moaning from me. I have some good news.

My The Shadows series is finally all in Kindle Unlimited! So if you're home wondering what to read and you haven't had a chance to check out the series yet... this is it!


Now in Kindle Unlimited!

Once again, I'd love to thank everyone who supported Sunflower Season, the charity anthology that had lots of trouble getting off the ground. It is happily collecting money for the humanitarian relief charities in Ukraine.

And it's all thanks to you!

If you haven't bought the copy yet, you have one last chance to do so! The book will be taken down in just a week! Do not tarry and grab it now! You'll have over 70 Historical Romance stories for just $7.99 (or equivalent in your currency)!


Limited time!

One more tidbit from me. If you missed this information there is a giveaway active in my Facebook group! If you love all things historical romance, or just want to hangout with likeminded people and occasionally be entered to win some books.... This way!


Join us!

I hope you're having a great week!

As usual I have some recommendations from my friends.

New Releases from my friends:


There are many uses for a good custard. Seduction being one of them.

Rosalind Richardson is in her third season, pleasantly plump and with an unrestrained passion for making tarts. Her dream is to become London’s finest purveyor of desserts and sweets. She’s certain the key to her future is a collection of unique recipes so exquisite, so rare, that her success and her independence is guaranteed. She only needs to find a copy of the cookbook. Marriage, especially to the much older, far too handsome Earl of Torrington would ruin all Rosalind’s plans. 

No matter how marvelous he kisses. 

The earl isn’t only breathtaking to look at, he’s well-versed in the culinary arts. And Torrington owns a copy of the very cookbook Rosalind is desperate to get her hands on.

Soon, Rosalind is being tempted with tortes…and Torrington. Flour and sugar become sensual when whispered in Torrington’s smoky voice. Custard, it seems is meant to be tasted from a man’s fingers. The mere mention of cherries sends Rosalind’s pulse fluttering. 

Torrington, unreformed rake, and custard maker is seducing Rosalind…one decadent recipe at a time. 

Rosalind might well allow herself to be ruined while learning how to make the perfect cake. 

But does Torrington have the recipe to win her heart? 

Buy or read in Kindle Unlimited


Italy, 1492. A ruthless mercenary skilled in the art of conquest. An heiress who refuses to be tamed. The Devil’s own bargain . . . 

Cara di Montessori has a price upon her head. Her traitorous uncle has murdered her father and seized her home. Her only hope of survival, and of regaining her birthright, is an alliance with her childhood nemesis, the infamous mercenary Il Diavolo. The most irritating—and seductive—man Cara’s ever met.

Battle hardened and world-weary, Alessandro del Sarto has earned the sobriquet Il Diavolo. He needs a politically expedient marriage to secure the lasting peace he craves, but the simpering ladies of court hold little interest. More than anything, he longs for a challenge. Headstrong beauty Cara has always been Il Diavolo’s only weakness, the one woman he’s never been able to forget. When she appears at his door begging for help, the two strike a devil’s bargain. In return for his assistance, for two weeks Cara must entertain his guests, relieve his boredom—and warm his bed.

Cara has no intention of succumbing to del Sarto’s studied seduction, but the passion that simmers between them is more potent than her paper twists of gunpowder. Surrounded by danger and intrigue, she must choose between what she’s always thought of as her destiny, and what could be the greatest prize of all—her heart’s desire.




Have a great weekend!