ONE day only 99c sale!

May 04, 2022 8:13 am



May the forth be with you!

Any Star Wars fans?

I'll have to be honest here, I have never watched a single movie of that series... And it's not the genre thing, I watch almost anything, and I love to read almost anything, too (however, you all know my favorite genre to read).

Have you watched Star Wars? Should I give it a go?

Onto book news... Amazon surprised be by having a one day US only sale on my book, A Deal with the Earl! Sorry, if you're not from the US, I will have more sales in the future (keep an eye on my emails).

But if you're from the US and haven't read A Deal with the Earl, yet. Or have read it in KU and would love to keep a version for yourself, you can get it now for 99c!


99c one day only!

Book 4 in the Shadows series is coming out soon! If you haven't pre-ordered yet, do it now!



As I am working on my scheduling plan (yes, I have to schedule which books I want to write next) I was thinking to get your opinions... Whose books are you waiting for?

Would love to hear your opinions regarding each of my ongoing series (if you haven't voted yet):

Necessary Arrangements

The Shadows

That's it for me. Had to keep it short, deadlines are brewing. But as usual, I have recommendations from my friends!

If you love to read about scarred heroes, second chance romance, with lots of heat, this book is for you. I read it, loved it and recommend it.


3.99 or Free in Kindle Unlimited

Isn't this cover gorgeous? It's one of my favorite covers of all time, I bought this book just to stare at the cover, although contents are just as good (if not better). And I have a soft spot for rogues...


3.99 or Free in Kindle Unlimited

Kathleen does not need introduction. She is awesome and the cover is gorgeous. Just look at that fan! And who does not love a revenge trope?


99c or Free in Kindle Unlimited


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