Audiobook ARC, 99c sale and more!

Sep 28, 2022 11:33 am



How are you doing? I have a few news and sales today, so keep reading.

Amazon decided to put my book for an impromptu sale today only for the US marketplace (sorry international people! Not my fault.) But if you haven't read this one yet... Then how did you get on my mailing list? Jooooking. Sort of.

Anyway, A Deal with the Earl is 99c... but it's also out in audio format, and for audio listeners I have good news, too! Read below.


99c in the US and FREE in KU everywhere

My audiobook publisher gave me five FREE codes , so my avid readers can grab it for free and leave reviews on audible site! So if you guys haven't read the book, or HAVE read it, but would love to hear it in audio, please email me! First come first served, except precedence will be given to people who have ARC read for me before.

The number of free codes is super limited, so please, do not feel offended if you don't get one. I will have more codes coming soon, when my second books comes out in audio format!

If you don't want to ARC listen, then you can just...

Get it on Audible

In the meantime...

Have you pre-ordered Taming His Wicked Duchess?


Pre-Order now!

I hope you're having a great week!

As usual I have some recommendations from my friends.

New Releases from my friends:


She was exactly what he needed…and everything he could never have…

Lord Constantine Kellinggrave’s scientific pursuits mean more to him than romance and High Society ever could. So, his nearly reclusive lifestyle is precisely how he wants it. Then a bet gone wrong brings an exasperatingly beautiful scrivener into his tidy world and she promptly ruins everything…

Faith Roth has never been a proper lady and that doesn’t bother her one little bit. All she’s ever wanted was to be a scrivener. So, if her austere—and frustratingly attractive—employer thinks he can make her quit her dream job, he’d better think again…

It’s not long before Faith and Constantine’s unique relationship attracts unwanted attention, and they’re forced into a fake betrothal to protect their reputations. But when their mutual hostility and annoyance transforms into something infinitely more complicated, will this pair of opposites find their way to happily ever after or heartbreak?

New Release!


He’s the dutiful guardian…

She’s the breath of fresh air he needs…

Olivia Poole knows her time for marriage has passed, so she accepts the position of governess to Mr. Grier’s ward. However, she cannot reject the vow she once made her sister – that she would live her life to the fullest. Armed with a list they created together, she determines to honor her promise. But being a governess and an adventuress isn’t so easy. Least of all when the only man she would ever consider for her last challenge happens to be her employer.

Despite his rakish past, Grayson Grier is determined to do right by his ward. But when he meets Miss Poole, the prim and proper governess seeking employment, something about her begs to be challenged. Ignoring his better judgment for once, Grayson hires her on the spot – a decision destined to tempt him at every turn. For what he did not anticipate was her list, or the fact that his name would be on it. Right next to kissing… 

New Release!