Audible sale, New Series announcement and a sneak peek...

Jun 08, 2023 9:06 am


Happy June!

In my last newsletter I promised you awesome news! So here we are.

I am so happy to announce a new series! We have worked on it under wraps for a while now. And I am excited to finally reveal it to you.

My author friends at The Brazen Belles and I have teamed up to create a steamy new series that's coming to Kindle Unlimited in 2024! Here's what it's all about:

Bachelors beware—a new gossip sheet is taking London by storm, and its author has a poisoned pen! Every month, the columnist known as the Brazen Belle selects one of London’s most notorious scoundrels to both pan and praise in her Rake Review column. With a fresh target on these rakehells’ backs, the ladies of London are taking aim. Will it be gaming hells or wedding bells for these notorious scoundrels? Follow their exploits in the steamy new Rake Review series!



Which cover do you like best?

I have to admit, I was going for old-fashioned cape-over-a-bare-chest look, and I think the cover designer nailed it! But all covers are gorgeous and I am having a hard time choosing just one favorite.

If you want them all in your home before the books come out... there is a way! We have plenty of swag, including a 2024 calendar!

Check out swag here!

We've also got a bunch of giveaways planned. Don't miss them! Join the Brazen Belles.

For now... here's a sneak peek of my entry for the series. Enjoy! (If you dislike sneak-peeks and spoilers, scroll down!)


“I apologize for interrupting your day,” she said timidly. Her voice was pleasant and smooth, like the smoky whisky he’d just partaken in. He wondered how she might sound writhing on his cock. 

“You did not,” he said as his gaze slid down her gown again, imagining that perhaps that atrocious gown was hiding unknown pleasures. “In fact, you came just in time… Or rather, you will come very soon.” He chuckled at his own lurid pun. 

The look of confusion passed her pale features. She was not the kind of woman he found attractive. Her lips were pressed into a thin line, her brows knitted in a frown, her hair tightly collected in a bun. She was like a prim governess. And some men enjoyed playing the conquerors of virtuous women, but Tyrone preferred his women loose. Unburdened. Passionate. 

He would never turn her away, however. She was a woman. And there was no such thing as an unattractive woman to him. Plain looking, certainly. But some primal instinct within him still wanted to unwrap her and see what was beyond those clothes. He swallowed, his voice thick with rising passion. “Come here and spread your lovely thighs.” 

She looked at him with confusion and horror in her eyes. “Pardon me?” He could’ve sworn she looked offended. 

“Oh, I shall pardon you if that’s what you want. Or I can punish you.” He waggled his eyebrows suggestively as he propped his hips against the side table, and patted his knee. “Come here.” 

“I beg your pardon!” The woman’s pale features turned dark red. Her lips trembled and she seemed incapable of intelligible thought for one long moment. Then her features turned thunderous. “I am not here to suffer your rude behavior.” 

Tyrone’s worst fear had materialized. This woman was not here to pleasure him. But that made no sense. Why else would a woman cross the threshold of his house? “Then why are you here?” 

She squinted at him, her lips pursed in indignation. “You do not remember me at all, do you? Why should you? You were well into your cups when we met last—” 

“Apologies, love,” he cut her off as his nagging headache only worsened from the inflow of her words. “But I am not much into remembering faces. Now if we talk about what’s under those skirts—” 

She seemed to choke on air. “How dare you!” 

He rolled his eyes and waved a dismissing hand. “Already bored.” He pressed a cool glass to his aching forehead. 

“I demand you apologize to me this instant!” she cried. 

Tyrone didn’t look at the woman anymore, but in his mind’s eye, he could easily imagine her outraged expression. “I shall not do such a thing.”

“I did not come here to listen to your vulgarities!” 

Tyrone placed the glass of whisky on the side table and regarded the seething lady. “If you did not come here to… well, come. Then why are you here?” 

She scrunched up her face as if trying to decipher his words, but finally gave up. When she spoke, every word came out bitingly through her teeth. “My name is Miss Emily Fitzwilliam.” 

Tyrone watched her steadily. “I shan’t remember that.” 

“And I came here to demand you marry me.”




For those who enjoy audiobooks... *dramatic pause*

Apparently Audible has a sale through June 9th! You can get my books for under $5 with your audible subscription. Get them now!


That's not all, of course. I have a couple more pre-orders for you. Get them now!


A Thief. A Liar. And the only man she ever loved.

William survived the streets of London on his own since he was a child. Deception, theft, and trickery were his only allies. He carved out every advantage with his own wit and cunning. So when he fell hopelessly in love with Victoria—a friend’s niece, and a princess!—he knew the only way to win her heart was by lying.

A princess without a country. A wife without a husband.

Victoria came to London hoping for an advantageous union. Instead, she was tricked into marriage by a bastard and a criminal. Now, she's determined to forget the arrogant husband she once loved. And that’s exactly when William waltzes back, determined to earn her heart and forgiveness.

But can he truly leave his life of deception behind and become the hero she needs? Or is he about to pull off the ultimate con?



A timid bluestocking… 

Stuck in her little cottage with her three sisters and an aging father her entire life, Miss Beatrice Fowley has never had the chance to experience the real world. After being jilted by a charming viscount, she now has to marry a seventy-year-old lord intent on begetting an heir and a spare.

Having read plenty of books—most of which are romance—Beatrice has a list of things she wants to experience before the church bells toll her doom. Unfortunately, real life is far more dangerous, and Beatrice quickly realizes that she needs a guide and a guard.

Meets her surly knight…

Adam Lewis has lived in the shadow of his brothers his entire life. When he encounters his brother’s former fiancée in distress, once again, honor dictates he step in to lend her aid and clean up after his brother’s mistake. Only the lady will not accept just any kind of assistance! The stubborn and naïve young bluestocking insists she wishes to experience “real life” before she allows him to escort her home to be married.

And the wager is struck.

Coerced into helping Miss Fowley with her scandalous list, Adam plots to outsmart the bluestocking to get her out of his life quicker. But as passion and desire flare between the reluctant partners, they realize one item has been left off the list—what to do with their wild, rebellious hearts when it comes to the end of the road…?

A fun farewell to the beloved series.


For now, as usual, here're some book recommendations from me:


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