99c deals and steamy Christmas tales!

Nov 07, 2022 12:20 pm


Happy holiday season!

I know, I know. It isn't officially holiday season yet. But I am in a holiday mood.

For one thing, Taming His Wicked Duchess, although not a holiday book has some Christmas-y vibes to it.

Caroline is struggling to arrange the best Christmas feast for the first time as a duchess (and failing), while she is also trying to uncover her husband's numerous secrets. I will share an excerpt from the book in my next email!

For now, if you haven't pre-ordered it yet, I'll leave the links below. If you haven't started this series yet, book one Return of the Wicked Earl is currently on sale as part of a Kindle Big Deal promo! Scroll down for link.


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For another thing, there's this awesome 99c deal that is not exactly Christmas-y, but it puts me in a holiday mood, because a 99c is a huge gift!

If you're stalking me on Facebook then you know that we have this amazing group with twelve authors. And today, a bunch of us have 99c deals on our books!

My book that's on sale is Return of the Wicked Earl. So if you haven't read it, now is a great time to do so!


And of course, I have a bunch of Christmas books to recommend you.

If you love Christmas anthologies, then you came to the right place.

I am part of a new anthology Twelve Lord for Yuletide.

And, you guessed it, it has Twelve stories for the price of one!

My story is a short but brand new Christmas tale about the characters you *might* recognize from book 4 of the Shadows series.

But even if you haven't read it yet... (Well, what are you waiting for? Read it now, before the following books are out!) But if you haven't read it yet, you still might enjoy this steamy Christmas short.

Here's a special snippet:

I’ve failed again.

Matilda muttered to herself as she entered the tiny home she’d rented between the villages of Donner and Blitzen. 

She’d scoured the entire North of England, knocked on every door, and asked anyone she came across, but there was no trace of him anywhere.

The only thing she’d gotten for her troubles were wet riding boots, which soaked through to her only pair of stockings. 

Well, not the only thing. She’d also earned blue, stiff hands, which froze through her torn leather gloves, and untamable hunger.

Matilda took off her cloak irritably and hung it by the hearth. She curled her fingers into fists before trying to warm them before the fire.

A light shiver rocked her body. 

She needed to undress. The wet clothing wasn’t aiding in her attempt to warm up.

Off went her skirts, heavy with snow and ice. She raised the chemise and took off her stockings.

Matilda looked at them in chagrin. They were soaked and dirty from prancing around the countryside all day. Week. Month.

She exhaled deeply before taking off her bodice and corset. She threw a glance toward the bowl she’d filled with snow before leaving. It was standing by the fire, now melted and warm. 


At least she wouldn’t be forced to wash her clothing in freezing water.

Matilda put her kettle over the fire and eyed the cold meat pie she’d brought in from the village. She put it closer to the hearth in hopes it would warm up by the time the tea was ready. Not that she wouldn’t eat the cold pie. At this point, she was ready to eat snow. Luckily, she wouldn’t have to. At least, not today. 

Matilda plopped her bottom on the worn rug by the hearth and proceeded to wash her stockings.

Another day had come and gone, and she was no closer to finding Henry than she had been when she’d set out on this foolish journey.

Was it foolish?

Matilda hung the stockings over the hearth, walked toward her satchel, took out her purse, and counted her coins. She had only three shillings left.

Yes. It was quite foolish.

She put the purse back into her satchel and noticed the mistletoe. She’d carried it with her this entire trip.

Matilda took it out of the satchel, climbed onto the chair, and hung it by the hearth. There. She had a piece of Henry with her.

She remembered the long-ago day when Henry had introduced her to the tradition of mistletoe.

She’d stood in the kitchen talking to the cook when he sauntered into the room, a wide grin on his face.

“Do you know,” he’d said, raising his eyes meaningfully to the hanging greenery, “that it’s a tradition that if you stand under the mistletoe, you have to kiss.” He had omitted the part about marriage then, only revealing that a few days later.

“It’s a silly tradition,” the cook had grumbled, but Matilda stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the cheek. In front of all the servants.

Their first kiss.

He came to her later that night and kissed her properly. Or at least as properly as an eighteen-year-old youth could kiss. And thus their romance had begun.

Matilda shook her head to dislodge the reverie.

She had carried the mistletoe with her, hoping to recreate the scene from the past. But with every passing day, that possibility seemed bleaker and bleaker.

Somehow, she’d imagined it differently. She’d imagined finding him sooner. Right away, in fact. 

She’d imagined him enveloping her in his arms and them setting off into their happy life. 

Matilda grimaced. Quite a fairytale she’d concocted in her mind, hadn’t she? It was the only way she had even survived the past decade, dreaming of him. 

But what if he was married? She hadn’t even considered the possibility…

Well, she had. But she pushed those thoughts away and kept them in the deep, dark corners of despair in her mind.

What if he was married? It had been over a decade since she saw him last.

What if he still hated her?

Or worse yet, what if he’d forgotten who she was?

Matilda crawled onto the creaky bed and climbed under the covers.

She had no money, no home, no hope.

She’d die here, most likely. 

She’d either freeze to death when her money ran out or die of hunger. 

That wasn’t what scared her most, however.

The thing that frightened her most was not seeing Henry one last time before she perished.


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