You get a free book, you get a free book, everybody gets a free book!

Jan 03, 2023 11:16 am


Happy New Year!

Let's start a new year with a bang! I have a bunch of discounts and some news that I am super excited to share with you!

I do not celebrate Christmas, so the New Year's Eve is my major holiday of the year. That's why I am going all out on the sales and freebies today. Whatever you celebrate, I wish you very happy holidays!

First, a short chit-chat... What traditions do you have in your home for the holiday seasons?

I've read somewhere a long ago that there is an Italian tradition of throwing away old things right before the New Year. If I have Italian friends on my list (and I know that I do) correct me if I am wrong about this! Either way, we've adopted this tradition, and to this day, I throw out (read: give to charity) at least one item from my wardrobe, although, as a rule, I do not have many things.

I love to travel. I lived in various places for at least a year and travel to a few countries in between. So it helps to only have one suitcase of things and one backpack of necessities when I decide to jump on a plane and be elsewhere. I haven't traveled much during COVID, plus I've been busy writing. But my New Year's resolution this year is to resume traveling and to learn to write on the go.

Let me know your holiday traditions and New Year's resolutions if you have any!

Onto book things! I ran a giveaway two emails ago... the one with the subject line: "Cover Reveal, Thailand update and a poll!" In that email I promised book mail to one lucky respondent to the poll.

I will announce the winner in the next email. This will give you guys time to go back and vote + the winner won't have to wait forever for book mail because the holidays will be over by then, and hopefully, it will take less time to send things.

Now that we got all that out of the way... Freebies and discounts!

I have a great incentive for you guys to start my The Shadows series if you haven't done so. I have a sale of a lifetime! Book 1 is FREE, books 2-3 are only 99pennies (or equivalent Worldwide!)

So you get 3 books for a price of half a book! (Usually these books are 4.99) This is a limited time sale so hurry and get them now. They're also available in Kindle Unlimited.


Free Book 1

Amazon put my book, A Bargain with the Rake, for a special one day Kindle Deal! It's $2.49 in the US and Canada only! Today only (Jan 3rd, 2023) (Sorry other countries, this is amazon's deal and I didn't have time to price match everywhere else as I usually do)


$2.49 (US&Canada)

This book is also on pre-order on audible! The book releases on January 31st so pre-order now!

Pre-order on Audible!

AND super excited news for me is that my Necessary Arrangement series is being translated to German! Book 1 is already on sale, with books 2 and 3 on pre-order! If you read in German or have German friends, feel free to recommend!



That's enough from me!

I have a 99c sale from other authors down below and a few new releases and book recommendations as usual. Keep scrolling!

But before we get to that... the reveal of Helen's hero! (Sad to say nobody guessed who he is LOL)


A grieving widow, but never a wife…

Mrs. Helen St. John was deeply in love with her first husband, and so was he. At least that's what she thought before he died. Now she lives with her cousins by marriage and gets a glimpse of what love and passion are truly like. Determined to find passion in life for herself she asks the most notorious rogue to teach her lessons in seduction. Little does she know that she has invited a serpent into the nest.

A drunkard, a wastrel and a scoundrel…

Ian McAllistair has always had to prove himself to his family and the rest of the world. He hoped entering into his majesty’s service would do just that. But everything goes wrong when the group of religious missionaries raids the brothel while Ian is on assignment and catches him in the most unsavory position. In one brief moment, he becomes the most popular man in England. 

Having failed so spectacularly, the only way to earn back his King’s trust is to uncover the secret society that has been working in the shadows for years. Luckily, a beautiful, young widow asks for lessons in seduction, giving him access to the house of a suspected villain. 

When a spark ignites between two lovers, Ian has a tough choice to face. But if his secrets won’t ruin their relationship, her secret just might. 

Pre-Order now!

I hope you're having a great week!

As usual I have some recommendations from my friends.

New Releases from my friends:


First comes love, then comes marriage ... then comes a secret vow made by the rebellious daughters of the original hesitant husbands. 

Nora Warsham, only daughter of the Marquess and Marchioness of Clydon, is quietly beautiful and sweet as pie. She charms everyone she meets. She's been engaged not just once, but twice. And yet, there is still no ring on her finger. A vow made to her cousins in her naive teenage years continues to govern her life and leave her stubbornly alone. This time when she runs away from the altar, she makes it all the way to her Aunt and Uncle in Ireland ...

Where she stumbles across Connor Murphy, the newly inherited Duke of Donegall. Before long the gentle ginger giant fills her arms and her dreams ... but can she find a space for him in her heart as well as her bed?

The Hesitant Husbands and League of Lady Rebels are steamy Regency romance series. Each book can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone romance novel. The Duchess Who Dared is Book 5 in the Hesitant Husbands and Book 1 in the League of Lady Rebels.

New Release!


Viscount Pottinger lost his fortune. Miss Tara Shaw could lose her reputation. Could they gain a future together?

Viscount James Pottinger wants to return to his estate and hide away. Yes, he has lost a great deal of his fortune but the circumstances were deeply embarrassing. Only on the encouragement of his friends does he return, hoping beyond hope that he can recover some of his wealth but keep what occurred a secret.

New Release!


By day, she's known as Lady Oreste, the scandalous procuress who caters to London's wealthiest, most powerful men. By night, she is Belladonna, proprietress of the even more scandalous House of Vice.

Who is the mysterious countess? What secrets does she know - and how many will she keep, and for what price?

When one of her clients' daughters come searching for answers about their father, Belladonna is forced to confront questions about her past that she'd rather not face. The eldest, Annalise, is tempted into Bella's world with a shocking proposal... now, if only they can do something about her sharp-tongued sister, Rosalyn.

Free book!

99c SALE!


99c Limited time!