Exclusive cover reveal and extra scenes

May 12, 2023 8:01 am


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Have you read Seducing Her Wicked Rogue!!! If not, now is the time!

It is getting some great feedback from the readers and I truly hope you'll love it once you give it a chance. It is romantic, steamy with a little inspiration sprinkled in.

This is also the very first book I wrote with a Scottish Hero! I know! It took me a while. And he doesn't start showing his Scottish roots from the very beginning (because, reasons), but we get there.

Aside from everything I already stated... this book has a gorgeous back cover!

Paperbacks are now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!


I am very excited for you to start reading the new book... I love reading all the reviews, so if you read it, leave a review!

If you already read it... (I know, I have some super quick readers here) then you'll be glad to know that I have some delicious deleted scenes for you!

Deleted Scenes

Ok, that's enough about Seducing Her Wicked Rogue.

Today I have a special treat for you! An exclusive cover reveal of The Glorious Bastard!

You're the first ones to see it, so if you want to share it on social media, I would be extremely grateful! You can find more images here: Promo images.


A Thief. A Liar. And the only man she ever loved.

William survived the streets of London on his own since he was a child. Deception, theft, and trickery were his only allies. He carved out every advantage with his own wit and cunning. So when he fell hopelessly in love with Victoria—a friend’s niece, and a princess!—he knew the only way to win her heart was by lying.

A princess without a country. A wife without a husband.

Victoria came to London hoping for an advantageous union. Instead, she was tricked into marriage by a bastard and a criminal. Now, she's determined to forget the arrogant husband she once loved. And that’s exactly when William waltzes back, determined to earn her heart and forgiveness.

But can he truly leave his life of deception behind and become the hero she needs? Or is he about to pull off the ultimate con?


What do you think of the cover?

For now, as usual, here're some book recommendations from me:


A shy widow and a notorious scoundrel. She wants an affair, but he wants her heart. 

Lady Fredericka has been quiet too long. She’s ready to step out of the shadows of widowhood and into the spotlight of pleasure. Without risking her heart. Circus star and equestrian Grant Webster offers the delectable solution. Strong, handsome, and a flirtatious scoundrel, he’ll warm her bed without asking for more. After all, a man like him would never seriously desire a quiet widow like her.

Grant has always commanded the adoration of the ladies. But since meeting the quietly lovely Lady Fredericka, he only wants her. When she suggests an affair, he’s tempted … but refuses. His heart is too involved to give her the steamy flirtation she desires.

But Lady Fredericka won’t give up.

And Grant can only be tempted so far.

When he finally gives in to passion, he becomes the seducer, tempting her to risk the pain of loss for a home of the heart with a man who loves her.

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