Cover Reveal, 99c sale and more!

Jun 14, 2022 10:01 am



How are you doing? I have a few news and sales today, so keep reading.

A couple of weeks ago I got a free amazon prime subscription as a trial. I don't use Amazon Prime, because I am not from the US, and frankly, amazon does not even deliver to my country, but anyway, they offered me a free subscription, and I thought... Why not?

And apparently, with this subscription I get free books and free movies/videos! I stumbled upon show The Boys... and well... binged the entire thing.

That wasn't great for my writing schedule, neither was it good for my brain... That show is gruesome to say the least. It is NOT my cup of tea at all... or at least I thought so for the first 3-4 episodes, and yet, I couldn't look away. And I am waiting for the next episode to air!

The creator of my favorite show Supernatural, is also a creator of The Boys, and he just has a way of having one glued to one's computer screen.

Are you watching the show? What are your thoughts on it?

If you have a Prime subscription, what else are you watching there?

Speaking of... coincidentally Amazon enrolled my book, A Deal with the Earl, into Prime Reading program. So if you have a prime subscription and you haven't read A Deal with the Earl yet, this is your chance to get it for FREE!


FREE in Prime and KU

Onto more book news.

First of all, I'd love to thank everyone who supported Sunflower Season, the charity anthology that had lots of trouble getting off the ground. It is happily coasting along best-seller charts and collecting money for the humanitarian relief charities in Ukraine.

And it's all thanks to you!

If you haven't bought the copy yet, please, do so now! You'll have over 70 Historical Romance stories for just $7.99 (or equivalent in your currency)!


Speaking of sales, another anthology I am part of is currently on sale for just 99c. The Brazen Belles anthology consists of 8 (EIGHT) full-length stories from your favorite authors. It is available in stores only for a limited time!

The book will be taken down before July!


99c only! Limited time!

Return of the Wicked Earl, book 1 of the Shadows series, is part of the anthology!

Speaking of which... I have some news about the Shadows series.

Starting July my entire series will be available in KU! Yay for all the KU readers! You'll finally be able to read my second series!

I'll start taking down the books from other retailers in a week and by the end of June they won't be available from anywhere other than Amazon.

So if you're reading on Kobo, Nook, or borrowing from a library, you have limited time to get the Shadows series before it disappears from other retailers.

All except for Book 5.

The pre-order for book 5, Taming His Wicked Duchess is and will be available on major retailers up until release week. So, if you want to continue reading the series, grab it now!


Pre-Order now!

I hope you're having a great week!

As usual I have some recommendations from my friends.

New Releases from my friends:


With all that stands against them, are they willing to risk everything for their forbidden love?

Lady Julia Stone has everything a woman could ask for — parents who love one another as much as they do her, the ability to live her dreams by managing her own racehorse, and now, a duke who is interested in capturing her affections. So why does she feel unsatisfied?

Growing up the son of a maid and a groom, Eddie Francis knows how fortunate he is to have achieved his ambitions of becoming a jockey renowned throughout England. But a past secret and a current accusation against his character have him loathing the very nobles he works for, and questioning all he knows to be true.

Everything changes during one fateful race on a Newmarket racetrack, when Julia makes an impromptu decision to disguise herself as a jockey and takes the reins herself. When she is discovered by none other than Eddie Francis, the man she once loved, she must put her trust in him to keep her secret and help her find victory.

This is the second edition of Lady of Fortune, which was previously published.

Buy or read in Kindle Unlimited


Time is running out for Oleana Honeywell.

She’s found safety as a housekeeper in the Earl of Montieth’s household, but she can’t stay hidden forever. The earl’s butler is determined to have her fired. Oleana doesn’t know the first thing about managing a household. She can’t even find the linen closet. And Carrot, her overly large, very spoiled cat has taken a liking to Lord Montieth.

Carrot’s affections are not returned.

But it is the attraction growing between Oleana and Montieth that worries her the most. No housekeeper, not even a fake one, should engage in trysts with their employer. Or worse, fall in love. 

What will happen when Montieth finds out everything Oleana has told him is a lie?

Buy or read in Kindle Unlimited