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Mar 18, 2023 2:30 pm


Happy March!

What are you reading?

My Kindle is currently full of amazing new reads. Next on my schedule is a new release from Cara Maxwell:


New Release!

Have you read this book? Or any other books from Cara Maxwell?

I've read a few, and all of them out of order lol. Forever a mood reader.

Let me know what YOU are reading. Perhaps you'll inspire my next read.

But if you're interested in Cara's new book, here's the synopsis:

Miss Jacquetta Lawson has disappeared in the middle of the London social season. Has scandal befallen this headstrong miss or is something more nefarious afoot? 

When Jacquetta allowed herself to be kidnapped by the notorious Grayson Thane, her plan was very straightforward. She would remain his captive long enough to deduce who he was working for and then she would promptly escape.

Until she wakes up tied to the mast of a ship.

Grayson Thane ought to know better. But weeks of sharing a cabin with a brazen, beautiful woman would tax any man…

Bound for the West Indies, second-son of a duke Lord Grayson Thane is so close to extricating himself from the servitude he fell into in his youth. All that remains is to deliver Jacquetta Lawson to Barbados and he will finally be free to return to his family.

But the insufferable tart is determined to frustrate him at every turn.

Confined at sea with Grayson, Jacquetta starts to question her tightly held notions of right and wrong. But she will not give up her mission to Queen and country… even if it means she must seduce her bitter enemy.

I am *just* coming out of a nasty migraine, so the past few days I've spent lying in bed, icing my head. I don't think I had a migraine before... well, maybe once or twice. But this one completely incapacitated me and put all my projects on hold.

Today is the first day I am feeling like a functioning human being.

So I am here to remind you of some things that are coming up soon!

An Offer from the Marquess is coming out in audio in 3 days! And An Affair with the Viscount is already on pre-order, scheduled to release on April 18th.

Pre-order both of those books, so you can enjoy them in audio.



I am not an audiobook fan myself, but I just LOVE my narrators. Both Sienna and Timothy have fabulous voices.

Book 6 of this series is coming out on August 1st!


A timid bluestocking… 

Stuck in her little cottage with her three sisters and an aging father her entire life, Miss Beatrice Fowley has never had the chance to experience the real world. After being jilted by a charming viscount, she now has to marry a seventy-year-old lord intent on begetting an heir and a spare.

Having read plenty of books—most of which are romance—Beatrice has a list of things she wants to experience before the church bells toll her doom. Unfortunately, real life is far more dangerous, and Beatrice quickly realizes that she needs a guide and a guard.

Meets her surly knight…

Adam Lewis has lived in the shadow of his brothers his entire life. When he encounters his brother’s former fiancée in distress, once again, honor dictates he step in to lend her aid and clean up after his brother’s mistake. Only the lady will not accept just any kind of assistance! The stubborn and naïve young bluestocking insists she wishes to experience “real life” before she allows him to escort her home to be married.

And the wager is struck.

Coerced into helping Miss Fowley with her scandalous list, Adam plots to outsmart the bluestocking to get her out of his life quicker. But as passion and desire flare between the reluctant partners, they realize one item has been left off the list—what to do with their wild, rebellious hearts when it comes to the end of the road…?

A fun farewell to the beloved series.

This will be the last book in the Necessary Arrangements series.

But if you're not ready to say goodbye to the characters, I am here to tell you, that they will appear in my other books and in a new series!

Onto other things...

I have a few sales coming up in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled on my emails!

And don't forget to pre-order book 6 of The Shadows series.


A grieving widow, but never a wife…

Mrs. Helen St. John was deeply in love with her first husband, and so was he. At least that's what she thought before he died. Now she lives with her cousins by marriage and gets a glimpse of what love and passion are truly like. Determined to find passion in life for herself she asks the most notorious rogue to teach her lessons in seduction. Little does she know that she has invited a serpent into the nest.

A drunkard, a wastrel and a scoundrel…

Ian McAllistair has always had to prove himself to his family and the rest of the world. He hoped entering into his majesty’s service would do just that. But everything goes wrong when the group of religious missionaries raids the brothel while Ian is on assignment and catches him in the most unsavory position. In one brief moment, he becomes the most popular man in England. 

Having failed so spectacularly, the only way to earn back his King’s trust is to uncover the secret society that has been working in the shadows for years. Luckily, a beautiful, young widow asks for lessons in seduction, giving him access to the house of a suspected villain. 

When a spark ignites between two lovers, Ian has a tough choice to face. But if his secrets won’t ruin their relationship, her secret just might. 

Pre-Order now!

I hope you're having a great week!

As always, here're a few book recommendations from my friends:


A deadly quarrel, an impossible love

On his way to rejoin Wellington’s gathering army near Brussels, Major Giles Butler fights a duel with the opinionated Duke of Cuttyngham. It was never meant to be a killing affair, and yet the duke lies dead at his feet. Determined to contribute to the final victory over Napoleon before standing trial, Butler bolts for the coast. En route, he unwittingly aids the lovely young Duchess of Cuttyngham to escape her gilded cage.

Desperate to live a useful life, Rosamund has left her husband’s cold and stifling house with the intention of becoming a village herbalist. She no longer believes in love or romance, especially not for herself, and yet by the time she learns of her husband’s death – and the identity of his killer – she is already falling in love.

Hopelessly entangled with each other, family machinations, officers of the law, and an unusual pair of eloping young lovers – to say nothing of Bonaparte’s threat to the peace of Europe – Giles and Rosamund finally arrive in Brussels. But can they defy scandal and the law to be together?

After all, how can a widow love the duellist who shot her husband?

New Release!


#1 The Lady is Trouble

For years, feisty Piper Scott has waited for Viscount Julian Alexander to realize they’re meant to be. But she doesn’t know how strongly he desires her — or his long-buried reasons for staying away… A spellbinding historical romance filled with passion, forbidden love, and a dash of the supernatural.

#2 The Rake is Taken

An enchanting historical romance with a touch of magic: Gifted with a supernatural ability, Lady Victoria Hamilton is meant to marry for duty, not happiness. But her rakish guardian angel — viscount’s son Finn Alexander — is the one who truly sets her heart aflame…

#3 The Duke is Wicked

Sebastian, the Duke of Ashcroft, is determined to protect the secrets of the League of Lords — but American heiress Delaney keeps getting in his way! “Regency fans will… savor the romantic fireworks” in this “lively and enjoyable” romance (Kirkus Reviews).

#4 The Hellion is Tamed

From an author whose work is known for “witty dialogue and steamy sensuality” (Publishers Weekly): After losing the time-traveling love of his life, Simon Alexander vows to find her — but reuniting with socialite Emma Breslin will prove more dangerous than expected…


Hope you're having a great weekend!