Let's party, It's my birthday!

Mar 06, 2023 8:53 am


Happy March!

Welcome to my most favorite month of the year. Mostly, because it's the month of my birthday. And today is the day! I am officially 33.

Right now, I am lying in the hotel room in Egypt, typing this. I always like to take a trip on my birthday. This year, I took my parents to Sharm-El-Sheikh, a glorious vacation town.

The sea is blue here, the fish are colorful, and the coral reefs are to die for. I got a slight sunburn, but other than that, I am quite enjoying myself.

Do not worry, even though I am on vacation, I find time to write. I am mostly in the mood for Helen's story, although it is the opposite of sunny and bright... Yeah, there's a little angst in there.

What am I reading?

For the first time in probably ever, I am reading two books at the same time. Mostly, because I started a beautiful contemporary book, but it's in the first-person point of view AND present tense.

And I. just. can't. read. it.

I've read a few books in first-point of view and past tense, and I was fine with it, although it is not my preference. But reading in present tense yanks me out of a story.

However, I have just started, and the book promises to have a gorgeous storyline. Writing, in general, is wonderful, too, so, I am persevering.

But in-between, I am reading something that I am enjoying immensely, both the storyline and the writing style. I had started reading this book once before, but had to put it down because I just wasn't in the mood, and I am a HUGE mood reader. But this time around I am loving it. It's To Steal a Heart by Kate Bateman. (No spoilers if you've read it already!)

Do you ever read more than one book at a time?

And do you have a preference over first person pov or third person?

Let's commiserate together.

Onto other things...

I had a book signing survey in my last email and I found out that a large majority of my readers would love to attend book signings, almost 90%! And those who don't, either read ebooks exclusively, or have mobility issues. Which tells me that, perhaps, I should start doing book signings!

Also, I have promised a giveaway among people who participated in the giveaway! And I picked two winners again. Scroll all the way down to find out if you're one of the lucky winners. Or keep on reading!

Book 1 of the Shadows series, Return of the Wicked Earl, is still at 99cents/pence or equivalent. So if you haven't read it yet, might the time to start!

And don't forget to pre-order book 6 of The Shadows series.


A grieving widow, but never a wife…

Mrs. Helen St. John was deeply in love with her first husband, and so was he. At least that's what she thought before he died. Now she lives with her cousins by marriage and gets a glimpse of what love and passion are truly like. Determined to find passion in life for herself she asks the most notorious rogue to teach her lessons in seduction. Little does she know that she has invited a serpent into the nest.

A drunkard, a wastrel and a scoundrel…

Ian McAllistair has always had to prove himself to his family and the rest of the world. He hoped entering into his majesty’s service would do just that. But everything goes wrong when the group of religious missionaries raids the brothel while Ian is on assignment and catches him in the most unsavory position. In one brief moment, he becomes the most popular man in England. 

Having failed so spectacularly, the only way to earn back his King’s trust is to uncover the secret society that has been working in the shadows for years. Luckily, a beautiful, young widow asks for lessons in seduction, giving him access to the house of a suspected villain. 

When a spark ignites between two lovers, Ian has a tough choice to face. But if his secrets won’t ruin their relationship, her secret just might. 

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If you enjoy audiobooks, great news! Book 4 of Necessary Arrangements series, An Offer from the Marquess is on pre-order! Releases on March 21st!


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I hope you're having a great week!

I don't have any book recommendations today, but I am open to your suggestions!


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