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Aug 09, 2022 12:09 pm


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I am busy finishing the last touches on my upcoming release An Affair with the Viscount. This is a book featuring Sam and Isabel's brother Richard.

I was sifting through my earlier books to remind me of something and I came across this small scene in An Agreement with the Soldier, which I believe, perfectly shows Richard in all his glory.

Take a peek:

“I would beg a private audience with the viscount,” he said in an even tone.

Gage looked John dead in the eyes and didn’t take his gaze off him as he spoke. “Adam, take our sisters out of this room.”

“Richard, please,” Sam cried but was quickly ushered away.

“You have thirty seconds to convince me not to throw you out on your arse, accompanied with the invitation to a meeting at dawn.” With that, he walked behind his desk, turned the hourglass, and sat, staring at John dispassionately.

“I came to ask for Sam’s hand in marriage.”

Gage gave him a menacing look.

“Miss Samantha,” John corrected himself hastily.

“What about the Duchess of Somerset?”

“She cried off.”

“Not surprising,” Gage scoffed.

“I know that it seems like the only reason I am proposing is because of what transpired last night. And while it is partially true, it is not the whole truth.” John paused to draw a breath. “Miss Samantha and I have gotten to know each other very well in the past few weeks. I came to admire her, respect her, and I feel that there’s an affection between us. There is from my side, at least.”

“And there is a large dowry from her side,” the viscount noted.

“I can’t deny that it is a factor as well. But not the main factor.”

Gage studied him narrowly. He then shifted his gaze to the hourglass, which had emptied by then. “As much as I’d love to throw you out on your arse, I am not a foolish man. You ruined Sam last night; she has no prospects now.”

John nodded. “Does that mean I have your blessing?”

Gage just sat there staring at John for a while, tapping his finger against his desk. Then he stood suddenly.

“If she’ll have you, I have no right to stand in her way. But be warned. Husband or no husband, if you hurt her, we’ll come for her,” he said menacingly. Then suddenly he smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes. “And then we’ll come for you.” 

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If you're anxious for more of my books, and just can't wait until the new release, have you considered reading my Shadows series?

I'll pop in a tiny excerpt here for you to take a peek.

Hades scowled. “Do you think I am here to please?”

“I think you are here to intimidate me into submission. With your massive presence, y-your menacing look, your thick, white scar.” She waved her hand to indicate his face.

“Does it work?” he asked silkily after a short pause.

“Not on me,” she answered without wasting a beat.

It truly seemed not to have worked on her. Everyone was afraid of him. Everyone. Even Ava. And Eloise was afraid of him, too. He could see that. But she managed to squash her fear just enough to stand up to him.

“Why is that?” He took a lock of her silky hair and caressed it between his fingers.

Eloise raised her eyes to his. She didn’t back down from his touch, did not react. Her frantic breathing and her flared nostrils gave away her distress, but she managed to contain herself. “I do not scare easily,” she said softly.

“Is that so?”

She shrugged. “Besides, I’ve seen more terrifying monsters with far prettier visages. Sometimes a mien is just a mien.”

An Excerpt is taken from Curse of the Wicked Scoundrel, book 3 of The Shadows series.



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Speaking of books... As usual I have some recommendations from my friends.

New Releases from my friends:


Marry for money.

But if Coral’s giving up a love match, she doesn’t just want to settle for any gentleman: she has a list. A list of all the qualities she will demand from her future husband—and publishes it in all the newspapers.

A chance introduction with a duke (sadly not fulfilling all the points on her list) throws her completely off balance. Her dowry is gone, but doesn’t that mean she should demand the absolute best?

The Duke of Glaenarm is handsome, charming, devilishly devoted to her. And imperfect. Damn. At least, that is what Edward Barlow, Duke of Glaenarm, is informed by Coral at Almack’s.

Amused by the fiery haired beauty who demands a husband who meets her lofty and unrealistic expectations, Edward decides to trick her into affection for him—proving that even if she believes him imperfect, she can fall in love.

But the more time they spend discussing her potential suitors, neither Coral nor Edward can control the desire pulling them together—and as the de Petras family’s outrageous behavior continues to threaten their respectability, it’s becoming more and more difficult for Coral to understand what she wants from life.

A respectable, boring, wealthy suitor who completes her list…or an imperfect duke that makes her feel alive?

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“So tell me, Miss Beaujeu, why should I employ you as governess?”

A question to rouse fear within the breast of any prospective governess but for Isabelle, a lady with impeccable references and tightly pinned hair, it barely raises a brow.

But this rugged Welsh duke of an employer is unlike any other: dubbed Mean, Moody & Mysterious in gossip columns, he’s known to scowl a path through London society. And why have three governesses fled his employ within the last twelve months?

"I appoint you as governess. When can you start?"

Rhys Cadogan, the Duke of Aberdare, never procrastinates. And besides, with a house party to be hosted at his coastal estate, the sole purpose of which is to find him a wife, he’s in somewhat of a rush.

But this drab-gowned paragon of a governess is unlike any other: lauded in her references, she exudes composure and intelligence, a perfect fit for his troubled niece. So why do Miss Beaujeu’s eyes also flash with a wild silvered gleam?

The Prudent Governess and the Passionate Duke.

One should never judge a duke by his Mean, Moody & Mysterious reputation or a governess by her tightly pinned hair, for beneath both tamed façades lay wildness and shared passions – not to be denied.

With forbidden kisses on stormy nights, a house full of prospective brides, a scandalous rake of an heir, dragon folklore and cinnamon biscuits, the vocation of governess has never been so thrilling…

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