ARCs sign up + Your Input Needed!

Jul 22, 2023 1:58 pm


I hope you are having a great weekend.

I am here in the sweltering heat, sitting under the air conditioner, finishing up the last book in the Necessary Arrangements series for you.

A Wager with the Gentleman comes out in ten days! And I am super excited for you to read it. I have an ARC sign-up link for you below. But before we get there, I'd like your help with something...

Since this is a series finale, I decided to create short little extra epilogues for each couple in the series.

But here's the twist: I want YOUR input! Yep, you heard it right. I want to know what kind of epilogues would make you go "OMG, that's exactly what I wanted!"

I'd love to hear what you'd LOVE to read about. It's like getting an all-access pass to their fictional futures!

If you have any ideas, click on the link below to fill out a simple and easy form. Alternatively, you can just email me your ideas! The form is anonymous, so if you want to be known, don't forget to sign your name after writing your idea!

Your input means the world to me, and I can't wait to read all the exciting ideas you come up with!

Extra Epilogue Ideas!

If you want to read an ARC (it will go out shortly, as soon as I finish the extra epilogues) sign up below!




Those of you who are NOT ready to say goodbye to the Necessary Arrangements world... well, be certain that those characters will return in my other Regency Romance books. Including the Mad Duke March.



And of course, a reminder that The Shadows series is still going strong. Book 7, the story of our beloved bastard William and his wife Victoria is coming to you on Halloween... Because, why not?



That's enough from me! And as usual I have some recommendations from my friends.

New Releases from my friends:


Four Rogues. One set of Rules…

Book One: An Earl in Wolf’s Clothing 

From the hallowed halls of London’s Almack’s to the unkempt taverns of Drury Lane, from whispered words in glittering theatres to secret seduction in Vauxhall Gardens – an earl must pursue his love.

A determined lady. An even more determined gentleman.

Let the pursuit begin…

Book Two: Merry Christmas, my Viscount

Seduce a rogue? By Christmas Eve? What a troubling resolution for the most proper widow Mrs Lily Mereworth to be left with… How? And more importantly, who?

Ghost stories on a windy night, swordplay down the Great Portrait Gallery, a lady and a viscount with no thought to love…

Book Three: Let Sleeping Dukes Lie

“Strait-laced. Ruthless. Arrogant.” – The Duke of Rakecombe has forever spurned love…and with good reason.

“Forthright. Impudent. Capricious saucebox.” – The fiery Miss Aideen Quinlan refuses to be spurned, unable to erase the memory of the duke’s vehement kiss…

An unlikely couple, an unquenchable passion.

Resistance is futile.

Book Four: Marquess to a Flame

The Marquess of Winterbourne has long been guided by his Rules of the Rogue, but as spy for the Crown, his next mission will break every single one.

Sent to the wilds of Cornwall to beguile secrets from a lady, the last thing this rogue expects is to unearth his own buried heart.

New BoxSet Release!


Can a childhood friendship turn into love? Or will they miss their chance?

When flowers begin arriving at Lady Almeria’s door, she is first pleased and then confused. With no name attached to her gifts, how is she ever to tell which gentleman they are coming from? Thinking to use ‘The London Ledger’ to discover the gentleman behind it, Almeria is delighted when one upstanding, highly titled gentleman claims himself to be her admirer. The only problem, however, is that she feels no spark of interest when they first meet.

Marcus, Earl of Coppinger has long admired Lady Almeria. Having been acquainted as children, he has never forgotten her and, even though she treats him as a dear friend, he can never think of her as only that. Uncertain as to what else to do, he begins to send flowers and notes – only for another gentleman to declare himself.

With Lady Almeria appearing quite contented, Marcus fears he must step away, only for one dark evening to reveal a good deal more about her new beau. Determined to protect her, Marcus steps into the melee… only to find himself pulled further from Lady Almeria than ever before. Will they manage to bridge the gap between them? And can a spark of love ignite in Lady Almeria’s heart for him?

New Release!

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