New Release, Sneak Peek and a stepback

May 01, 2023 6:06 pm


Hey there!

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Today is the release day of Seducing Her Wicked Rogue!!!

I am very excited that you finally get to read this book. I started writing it back in December, and it's been a long, but satisfying journey.

This book means a lot to me. Helen's journey to self-acceptance felt very personal to me for many reasons. It was hard and messy, flawed, but very human.

This is also the very first book I wrote with a Scottish Hero! I know! It took me a while. And he doesn't start showing his Scottish roots from the very beginning (because, reasons), but we get there.

This book also has the hottest sex scene I wrote to date... Yeah. And the most touching scene, too (in my honest opinion.)

But don't let me tell you what this book is. Read it, and judge it for yourselves!

Aside from everything I already stated... this book has a gorgeous back cover!


And if you're still not convinced... Here's the excerpt! If you don't like reading excerpts, skip ahead. I will mark end of the excerpt scene.


“I want you to be my mistress,” she blurted out.

There was a hoarse chuckle from Lord McAllistair, and Helen’s entire body froze while burning from shame and feelings of inadequacy. Oh, God! Did I truly just say that? All wasn’t lost yet. She just needed to correct her mistake. Fast. “Not a mistress. I mean, my mister… m-my…”

His warm fingers touched her gloved hands gently, almost like a butterfly. Helen still jumped from the unexpected touch. He didn’t remove his hand, instead caressing her knuckles. He circled her fist and tenderly lowered her hands away from her face. Then came his soft whisper, “Open your eyes.”

She could hear laughter in his voice. But it didn’t feel malicious. At least, this was Helen’s hope. Her cheeks were burning, and her lips trembled either from fear or nerves, she didn’t know which. Helen let out a deep breath and opened her eyes. She stared at his cravat for a brief moment before raising her face to his.

“You want us to have a liaison?” His matter-of-fact tone returned her to the steady reality.

She swallowed and nodded.



“I surmised that you must be experienced in matters of passion. I wouldn’t have approached you on that alone, however. Our brief interactions convinced me that I can trust you to be discreet. But I can also trust you to treat me well. And the article convinced me that you can teach me what I want to learn. You can give that which I seek.”

“Teach you passion, you mean?”

Helen gave a tiny nod.

He tsked and shook his head. “It is not something one can teach.”

“Oh.” She lowered her gaze, disappointment filling her entire being. And also shame.

Warm fingers touched her chin. His fingertips had calluses on them after all, and they scratched her skin ever so slightly, heightening her senses. He nudged her face up, forcing her to meet his gaze. “But it is something one can show.”


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I am very excited for you to start reading the new book... I love reading all the reviews, so if you read it, leave a review!

If you already read it... (I know, I have some super quick readers here) then you'll be glad to know that I have some delicious deleted scenes for you!

Deleted Scenes

And then here's the tease of what's to come.

Cover to be revealed... Soon.



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Stay tuned for the cover reveal!

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