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Apr 18, 2023 4:06 am


Happy April!

In my last email I mentioned that I moved to Malta and a few of you pointed out that I forgot to attach pictures. Duh!

So I decided to share a couple of pics with you of my new habitat. I've always wanted to live by the sea, and aside from a few vacation was never able to. So this time, I looked for an apartment with a view!


That sofa is my current writing office. So in between writing sessions I stare out at the sea.

And here's my "back yard."


What is Malta like?

Well, so far, I see Malta as a country where England meets Italy and then mixes its own unique flavor. It's country of old forts, narrow streets, free public transportation for the locals, highly mineralized water, lots of sun and mix of cultural foods. 


So far, I am enjoying it, although I don't have too much time on my hands to wander around. I am working on a deadline and most of my time is spent staring at the computer.

Speaking of my deadlines...

Today is the release day of an Audiobook for An Affair with the Viscount!

This entire series is currently on audible! (And book 6 will follow suit after it releases as an ebook!)


Listen now!

Just in time for book 6 of the Shadows series' release, Amazon put my book, Secret of the Wicked Viscount (book 2, The Shadows), for a special one month Kindle Deal! It's $2.49 in the US and Canada only! For the entire month of April! (Sorry other countries, this is amazon's deal and I couldn't price match everywhere else as I usually do)


$2.49 (US and Canada sale)

So, about that new release... Seducing Her Wicked Scoundrel is coming out on May 1st! If you haven't pre-ordered yet, now is your time. And there are a few ways you can get it for free!

The book includes lessons in passion, a road trip, forbidden love and steamy, cherry-sweet love scenes...

Number 1 way to get it for free is to get an ARC copy! By getting an Advanced Reader Copy, you agree to read the book and leave your honest review on Amazon, Goodreads and/or Bookbub.

Get an ARC copy!

Way #2 is to join this giveaway!

You'll get Seducing His Wicked Rogue and 30+ other books if you win this giveaway!


Enter to win!

Way #3 is to wait until the release day and get it for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription, because this book is going straight to KU!


A grieving widow, but never a wife…

Mrs. Helen St. John was deeply in love with her first husband, and so was he. At least that's what she thought before he died. Now she lives with her cousins by marriage and gets a glimpse of what love and passion are truly like. Determined to find passion in life for herself she asks the most notorious rogue to teach her lessons in seduction. Little does she know that she has invited a serpent into the nest.

A drunkard, a wastrel and a scoundrel…

Ian McAllistair has always had to prove himself to his family and the rest of the world. He hoped entering into his majesty’s service would do just that. But everything goes wrong when the group of religious missionaries raids the brothel while Ian is on assignment and catches him in the most unsavory position. In one brief moment, he becomes the most popular man in England. 

Having failed so spectacularly, the only way to earn back his King’s trust is to uncover the secret society that has been working in the shadows for years. Luckily, a beautiful, young widow asks for lessons in seduction, giving him access to the house of a suspected villain. 

When a spark ignites between two lovers, Ian has a tough choice to face. But if his secrets won’t ruin their relationship, her secret just might. 

Pre-Order now!

Have a great week!

As usual I have some recommendations from my friends.

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If he’s lucky, perhaps he can convince her to be wicked with him just once. Or maybe even forever

Daphne Raven is happy with her prospective betrothed. He’ll be the perfect husband—meek, mild, and unlikely to stir any emotional chaos within her. But when she travels to London for her wedding attire, all it takes is one night at a ball (and a passionate case of mistaken identity) to shatter her faultless plans and make her question everything

The last thing Corey Jefferson, Duke Renford, wants is a wife. A mistress will suit him—and the scars of his past—just fine. He thought the stunning mystery woman he kissed at the ball would be his ideal paramour. Until he discovered who she really was…and realized she could never be his. No matter how much he wished things were different for them…

When all is said and done, are the wicked rake and the innocent wallflower destined for happily ever after—or a lifetime of heartache?

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The youngest and wildest of the Rosewoods, Eloise enjoys climbing trees, racing horses, and wearing breeches. She despises holding her tongue, embroidery in any form, and ball gowns. Her eldest sister would see her married and settled down, but Eloise cannot think of a worse fate than being shackled to a boring lord. Which is why she’s decided to fall in love with a rogue…

Wealthy, powerful entrepreneur Adam St. Clair has everything he could ever want...except a wife. He requires a woman who is polite and practical. A woman who is the exact opposite of Eloise Rosewood. The fiery redhead would make a perfect mistress for the wicked rogue, but a bride? Never. Except try as he might, Adam can’t get her out of his head...which means there’s only one other place she needs to be: in his bed. 

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