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Happy St. Patrick's day even if you're not Irish (I know I am not.) How is march going for you?

I've had one the best birthday's ever this year. As you may know, I have traveled to Abu-Dhabi on vacation. But on my birthday I went to Dubai for one day (not nearly enough time). I was sight-seeing, and then had a dinner in my favorite restaurant, the Hard Rock Cafe.

The entire vacation had been a delight while I walked on the beach daily, got sunburned incredibly, and swam in the warm waters of Persian Gulf. In all that time, I have probably written about 500 words...

So now that I am back to work, I have a lot of catching up to do.

You might be curious to find out that I am working on three projects simultaneously now, although one is more of the priority than the other two. The priority book is an upcoming book of mine from the Shadows series: Ravishing His Wicked Lady. Another book is from a secret new series (shh... don't tell anyone). And the third book is a passion project about one of the characters from The Shadows series, who will eventually get his story, but not as soon as I might like.

Which book or which character's story are you looking forward to the most?

In my next email I will share some awesome freebies with you, so do not miss it. In the meantime, scroll all the way down to see who are the winners of my birthday ebook giveaway!

If you haven't read it yet, here's a sneak peek to my newest book, An Offer from the Marquess.

Sneak Peek

“I’ve found your dog,” she repeated. “You said we’d talk after. It’s after. Let’s talk.”

“A public park is not the best place to discuss the scandal we’re involved in. Perhaps we should adjourn back to my townhouse.”

Isabel dug in her heels. “No. You keep prolonging the inevitable. I just want to know whether you’ll marry me or not.”

The marquess wrinkled his nose. “To be completely honest, I am not very enthusiastic about the prospect.”

Isabel scoffed. “And you think I am? I am horrified by the idea that I might join your family of rude people and gigantic, unmannered dogs!”

“If you find my company so unpleasant and that of my dog, then why chase me and the dog around the park? Perhaps you should consider other prospects.”

“I have no other prospects!” Isabel cried and squeezed her eyes shut.

She was willing to swallow a lot for her family. She swallowed her pride and dignity by even conversing with this man. Her already unsavory reputation was getting dragged through the mud every second she argued with him outdoors. If she didn’t marry him, it would be unsalvageable.

But if she did… Well, she’d certainly die.

“Last time we spoke, you said you’d rather eat maggots than marry me. What has changed?” the marquess asked. “Maggots were not to your liking?”

“If it were just about me and my wants, I’d never look your way, you arrogant cur.”

“And if it were just about me and my wants, I’d never exchange a word with you, you ill-mannered old shrew.”

Isabel gasped.

She wanted to kick him in the shins and leave him to suffer. But they were still outdoors. And although the hour was not fashionable, there were still people about. So she took off her glove and threw it in his face.

The marquess blinked as if startled and caught the glove against his cheek. “Is this an invitation to a duel? That would be vastly more preferable to a marriage to you.”

“Take it as an expression of my disgust. Even the thought of being married to you, seeing your face every morning across the breakfast table, repulses me beyond your imagination.”

“If we did marry, you wouldn’t have to worry about that. I’d lock you up in my northernmost estate and make certain you’d eat nothing but maggots.”

“Then you’d have to live without heirs. Not that I look forward to sharing a marital bed with you. Maggots would be a better—Oh!”

The marquess seized her by the waist and crushed her body to his.

Isabel’s breath left her body as her hands instantly went to hold onto his wide shoulders. Her waist burned where his hand held her even through the layers of his gloves and her clothing. Her entire body trembled in either anticipation or trepidation.

She craned her neck to look at him, and swallowed. He was so very tall. Her head barely reached his shoulders.

He held her tightly in his arms, his eyes roaming her face, as he lowered his head...

It was the worst day of her life. Her wedding day.


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And for a bonus, this book has two deleted scenes, which are up on my website already!

Alternative Scenes

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But first, as usual, I have New Releases from my friends!

The game is on, and she intends to fight dirty. But then again, so does he…


Duke Dillon Viscount Leigh has secrets. The fact that his estate is nearly broke is merely one of them. So, he needs to marry an heiress and fast. The house party would’ve been the perfect place to find one, too—if only a certain noisy, stubborn, and entirely too beautiful miss hadn’t made it her mission to thwart him.

Isla Woodville liked Lord Leigh when she met him. But that changed the moment she overheard his requirements for a bride. Well, if he thinks he’s going to marry an heiress for nothing more than her deep pockets, he’s in for a rude awakening, because Isla will not let him get away with such cruelty. And she’ll enjoy every minute she spends ruining his not-so-noble intentions.

But when a kiss as passionate as it is untimely brings their game of cat and mouse to a fiery tipping point, Duke is forced to offer marriage to the last woman he ever expected—Isla. Is happily ever after even an option for two sworn enemies? Duke and Isla are about to find out…

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Fanny’s worthless father forgot her entirely. The earl’s steward plans to make it right; if only he can avoid falling in love with her while he does.


When the old Earl of Clarion leaves a will with bequests for all his children, legitimate and not, listing each and their mothers by name, he complicated the lives of many in the village of Ashmead and beyond. One of them was left out. She is the third of The Ashmead Heirs.

Frances Hancock always knew she was a bastard. She didn’t know her father was an earl until her mother died. The information came just in time. She and her mother’s younger children were about to be homeless. She needs help. Fast. What she wants is a hero.

Eli Benson, the Earl of Clarion’s steward, took great pride in cleaning up the mess left behind by the old earl’s will. When a dainty but ferocious young woman with the earl’s hair and eyes comes demanding help, his heart sinks. She isn’t in the will. She was forgotten entirely. And the estate is just getting its finances back in order. But he knows a moral obligation when he sees one. He may not be her idea of a hero, but people count on him to fix things. He’s good at it. Falling in love with her will only complicate things.

Eli will solve her problems or die trying. It may come to that.

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One starlit night, he saved her from tragedy and she saved him from disaster.

Years later, on a moonless night, he rescues her again—and they discover a love affair they cannot resist. 

Now during the nightmare of war, each must decide if they’ll abandon all they worked for to claim the only person in the world they could love.

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