Post Prime sale and a special Giveaway!

Jul 14, 2022 12:14 pm



This is a bit out of schedule, but I have a few things to share that I didn't want you to miss. There is a major giveaway opportunity and a 99c sale going on!

Before I get to that, I want to change up a few things this time around and start with a couple of recommendations first.

A bit of backstory...

So... you know that I feature a few authors in my email and recommend their books to you. Generally, those are the people I personally know. Some of those people are my close friends. Other books are the ones I've read and loved.

As tight as historical romance readers community is, I don't know if you knew, but many authors are good friends, too. Being an author is a bit of a solitary job. You have to spend your time daydreaming a lot, writing, reading, editing, marketing and doing other book related stuff that just does not interest people in your real life.

And that's why I am so glad I've found my community of badass women who support each other, write kickass romance stories and are just fun to have around.

If you're feeling like you're an isolated romance reader, you can join such a community of readers and writers in our The Brazen Belles Facebook group (read further for a giveaway opportunity from the belles). We share our author struggles, more book recs, and just funny memes and stories in there.

So why am I talking about friendships and romance community? Well, it's because today I am featuring new releases from a couple of my best writing friends, women who help me through writing blocks, moments of frustration and are just fun to hang with (even if just online).

Their books are fun and entertaining, so check them out.


Never weaken. Never trust. Never give away your heart.

Some call Fleur Warburton cold and hard-hearted. Even ruthless. Scarred by a traumatic past that destroyed her family, Fleur believes she has found the man ultimately responsible for her unhappy fate and is out for vengeance. But when the beautiful Lady Julia Pembroke gets in her way, Fleur is soon entangled in scandal of a different sort. With Julia by her side, Fleur enters a world of tempestuous desires and rebellious hearts.

A Carefully Constructed Life…

More than ten years ago, Lady Julia Pembroke was a haughty beauty with the ton at her fingertips. Now she's an aging spinster who spends her days advocating for London's less fortunate. To the beau monde, she seems to lead a precarious double-existence, half in and half out of good society, always plagued by those pesky rumors that she prefers women to men.

Julia stopped caring what others thought of her long ago. These days, her life is anything but dull. She has a charity society to run, a houseful of adopted children to care for, and an evil criminal organization to bring down.

Dashing Women and Dangerous Deeds

But when a reckless young spitfire with hair of fiery gold whose every touch is an exquisite torture, every glance an enticement arrives in London from the countryside, Julia’s life suddenly becomes much, much more complicated…and much more dangerous.

Buy or Read in Kindle Unlimited


A brazen young woman with her heart on her sleeve and nothing to lose …

She knows her fiancé is out there. Her almost fiancé, that is. But she has not heard from him in months, and although she’s kept up a brave face with her family, even Ursula is starting to worry.

Meets a young man looking to get from here to there with as little fuss as possible …

Ford accepted a seemingly simple errand for his cousin, Viscount Warrington: bring a racehorse from Epsom to Doncaster in time for the match race of the decade. What he did not count on? A bossy, buxom siren distracting him at every turn.

Shenanigans ensue. And just maybe … a love story. 

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Before I get into the giveaway, I just wanted to mention that in the spirit of Prime day, one of my books An Agreement with the Soldier is currently on sale for just 99c!


99c and Kindle Unlimited

Speaking of friendships and our Brazen Belles group... If you don't know about the group yet, here's some background. A few of historical romance authors decided that we wanted to have a closer connection with our readers, that we wanted to discuss books, share funny memes and tell about the freebies and fun book opportunities beyond the newsletter. Yes, I email you every couple of weeks or so here, but social media is more instant and allows for immediate two way connection.

Since then the group has grown to include twelve (12!) awesome historical romance authors as co-moderators of the group, or your resident Belles. And to show our appreciation we throw occasional giveaway parties!

Right now our group is almost 900 Belles strong. When we get to 1,000 members, we will be doing a member-appreciation giveaway of epic proportions.

Here are the details:

* Each Brazen Belles Author will give away a mystery box of goodies - signed paperbacks, reader swag, and other fun surprises. No two boxes will be the same!

* 12 authors means 12 winners!

* This giveaway is open to US and International entries (up to 4 international winners will be selected).

* What do you have to do to enter? Be a member of the Brazen Belles Facebook group! That’s it!

Invite your romance reader friends, share on social media, let’s get to 1,000 members so we can do this fabulous giveaway! Here’s the link to share:


Thanks for reading my ramblings here! I hope you have a great reading week.