New Release + 99c SALE!

Nov 29, 2022 9:00 am


Hey there!

I hope you are doing well.

Today is the release day of Taming His Wicked Duchess!!! Which means I am super tired and nervous... I'll just go lie down.

Thank you everyone who pre-ordered, read an ARC, or is ready to buy the book!

For a limited time, this book is still on various platforms, BUT it will be taken down from anywhere expect for amazon very soon! So hurry to get your copy!

If you'd like to read it in Kindle Unlimited, I will let you know when it becomes available there.

Paperbacks should already be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!


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The book will be available on Kobo Plus today only! You can borrow it and keep it until you want to read it.

So to celebrate the new release of Taming His Wicked Duchess, book 3 in the Shadows series Curse of the Wicked Scoundrel is currently on sale for 99c or equivalent.


99 cents/pennies!

I am very excited for you to start reading the new book... It wasn't an easy book to write. I had to pick up the threads from all the books before it, and try to make it make sense for every reader who forgot everything that happened in the previous books lol. I hope I succeeded. I love reading all the reviews, so if you read it, leave a review!

As for me, I am going to take a little break from writing. Don't worry, not a long one--I have lots of books planned--just a tiny one. I am leaving for a short vacation the day after tomorrow.

I am going to Thailand!

Have you been? Any recommendations?

I am very excited about lying on a beach for a week and exploring the beautiful nature of Thailand, and hopefully, getting some inspiration (and tan).

I'll let you know how my vacation went in the next email. For now, as usual, I have some book recommendations and a giveaway!

3 lucky people will win all the books in this promo (Link below). All you have to do to enter is be part of the Brazen Belles group on Facebook, and comment under this post:


Check out the books from the giveaway!

Giveaway ends on December 1st! So hurry!!!

And of course, I have a bunch of books to recommend you.

Happy new release to my fellow Belle! If you love steamy romcoms, this one is for you. And this is my next read!


Sometimes there’s a fine line between assessing the competition and consorting with the enemy…

New Release!

A Christmasy delight!


Miss Delia Somerset is stranded in a blizzard—alone, penniless, and certain to perish--but her luck takes a turn when handsome and honorable Jack Thorne appears to save her.

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Another perfect winter book!


Having lost her beloved to a storm at sea, Lady Gwen Evans is planning a life of travel to foreign lands, writing books on her adventures.

But will the arrival of a dark, scarred stranger one December's eve disrupt all her plans...

Pre-Order now!

And some free reads!