Writing update, Italian men, and more books!

Jul 14, 2023 7:58 pm


Hey hey!

I hope you're doing well. I have not emailed in a bit, and thought to explain my situation. Yes, I am under a huge, looming deadline. I am working my behind off and therefore am hidden away in my cave...

For the most part.

The entire truth, however, is that I went to Sicily for a week.

Yeah, yeah, what happened to the deadline, you ask? Listen, change of scenery helps with inspiration. Sometimes.

I went to Sicily for a week, true. But I worked a few hours a day and mostly went out only to eat, and occasionally to a beach or on a hike, with only one whole day tour.

Oh... pictures...


Let me tell you, that Sicilians are a fun group of people. They didn't understand my "deadline" nonsense. They didn't care that I had places to be, things to do. They are very laid back, very relaxed, and I have never actually seen a single Sicilian in a hurry. It doesn't mean they don't exist, but I just haven't witnessed that. And who could blame them? It's hot out, there's a sea by their side, tasty food. What else is there?

And another thing is... Yes, Italian men are gorgeous. Young and old, the entire bunch. Just gorgeous, kind, thoughtful, and yes, super flirty. I wore a sundress once... (Never again lol). And I don't know if that signals TOURIST ALERT, or what, but I had so many men come up to me, compliment me, and offer to show me around that my head spun. The entire seven days I was told I looked decades younger and that I was incredibly beautiful. And now, I am a confident woman. I know I am not bad to look at. But in Sicily, I felt like a goddess lol.

So anyway, if you ever need a confidence boost, go to Sicily.


And wear a sundress.

Now back to my deadline... I am working on a few stories as usual, but on the forefront of my workload is A Wager with the Gentlemen which is almost done.

I might be working on a story that's in another genre, but I promise not to spam you with the information on that, because we're here to talk about Historical Romance. (And occasionally about Italian men.)

I will post a call for ARC readers for A Wager with the Gentlemen some time next week. Do not miss my next email if you want to get it!

For now, you can pre-order it on Amazon.



Those of you who are NOT ready to say goodbye to the Necessary Arrangements world... well, be certain that those characters will return in my other Regency Romance books. Including the Mad Duke March.



That's enough from me! And as usual I have some recommendations from my friends. In the meantime, tell me about your favorite vacation destinations!

New Releases from my friends:


An impoverished widow …

Theodora Prescott has lost everything. Recently widowed and drowning in debts, she’s forced to accept help from the last place she wishes to seek it—her late husband’s estranged family, fronted by the icy and domineering Dowager Marchioness of Rockliffe. Theo’s plan is simple: endure living at Rockliffe House, submitting to the dowager’s will, only until she can find a way to provide for her children and reestablish her independence. But as it turns out, the unwanted tutor hired for her sons becomes less something to endure and more an unlikely source of comfort … and attraction.

An accidental tutor …

Upon leaving Oxford, Jeremy Clare never had ambitions of tutoring children. However, when his sensible goal to settle down and become a vicar goes awry, accepting the tutor position that falls into his lap seems as good a way as any to get his life back on track. Developing feelings for his pupils’ mother is certainly not part of the plan. Yet the more he sees of the strong-willed, passionate Theodora Prescott, the more his desire becomes impossible to overlook.

An undeniable but risky allure …

Theo has vowed never to let emotion dictate her decisions again, and Jeremy has sworn not to stray from a practical path forward. But while a relationship between them would be fraught with obstacles, can an unanticipated chance at love make it worth the risk? Giving in to their desires could lead to the greatest happiness for them both. However, Theo’s life at Rockliffe House comes with other expectations. And the dowager marchioness, it happens, is not someone to be crossed …

New Release!


Graham Astor, Duke of Kensington, is done with love — and Rosabel Lander never believed in it. But when Graham needs help raising his daughter and Rosabel must leave her uncle’s family, can they find a new, happy life together? A charming read from USA Today bestselling author BREE WOLF!

England 1802: GRAHAM ASTOR, DUKE OF KENSINGTON is a beast and he knows it. Consumed by loss and misery, he has no need or desire for company or anything else polite society has to offer. What he needs is a wife—not for himself, but as a mother for his child—and it appears he’s found the perfect timid, young wallflower for the job. A woman who will make no demands of him. A woman who will leave him alone with his pain.

When her ruthless uncle informs ROSABEL that she is to marry the dark, brooding and recently widowed Lord Kensington, terror steals into her heart. Without any other options, Rosabel soon finds herself tied to a man who refuses to speak to her. A man whose cold gaze sends chills down her back. A man utterly displeased with her presence.

However, as Rosabel and his daughter grow closer, Graham soon realizes that his new wife is a far cry from the timid wallflower he thought her to be. For Rosabel possesses a gentle strength he cannot ignore, and with each passing day, her kindness and tender joy become harder and harder for him to resist. Soon, Graham finds himself longing for the very thing he fears the most.Rosabel’s love.

Will he dare open his heart to her?


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