The kids who hated math have something to teach us

Hold LightlyOur most recent pod featured investigative journalist Scott Carney speaking about The Power of Lightly Held Beliefs. The premise is that holding onto an idea lightly and being open to change is a potent force.This got me thinking about an...

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Aug 19, 2023
How I thwarted sleep procrastination

My least favorite habitOne habit I’ve found incredibly hard to break is sleep procrastination (going to bed later than intended without a legitimate reason for the delay). I’ve done this since I was a teenager and it’s gotten more pronounced in the p...

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Jun 11, 2023
Alone in a crowded room

I was recently coaching a college student, let’s call him Cody, who lamented that he was feeling lonely and isolated.Me: “What does that look like?”Cody: “I’m a science major. None of my friends are science majors. When I go to the library, I see all...

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Apr 30, 2023
The first ever Stimulus listener survey

The Stimulus podcast just had its 100th episodeAnd I can't believe I have yet to do a listener survey.Knowing who you are and how you interact with the pod will help me make it even better. Please take a few minutes and let me know what's what.Thanks...

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Apr 09, 2023
Hostage Negotiation Tactics in Medical Communication

What you're about to unwrap in this month's newsletterBeautiful scriptingThe Shift KickAssery Workshop3 wickedly cool things you might enjoyA Level Up on the Spock RetreatOur most recent episode on The Spock Retreat explored how to tell patients "no"...

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Mar 05, 2023