We are officially CME certified!

Hello friends!Awake and Aware, our 3-day in-person workshop May 1-3 in Bend, OR, is officially certified for 16.25 hours of CME.We've gotten a lot of questions about this but couldn't reveal until the last I's were dotted.If you'd like to learn tools...

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Mar 02, 2024
Decision Fatigue and the Prisoner's Lunchtime Dilemma

The Stimulus NewsletterTips to elevate your career and wickedly cool stuff you might enjoyMain ArticleNo time to peeYou’ve no doubt heard the refrain, or even said it yourself, “I don’t have time to take a break”. I’d like to move the needle tow...

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Feb 25, 2024
What I read, watched, and listened to in 2023

This week's newsletter won't focus on education unless you count book and media recommendations as valuable learning. If so, get ready to earn your unofficial PhD.Here are some of my favorite reads and watches from 2023. They weren't all released thi...

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Dec 17, 2023
Can you reduce the odds of getting sued?

The oddsThe title of our newsletter delves into a nuanced question: Why do some patients sue while others refrain? Remarkably, only a small fraction—between 1-3%—of patients with adverse outcomes opt to pursue legal action against their physicians. W...

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Dec 03, 2023
The Hidden Cost of Blame

What's So Alluring About Blame?We are seemingly hardwired for blame.(1,2) If it’s such a deeply ingrained aspect of our nature, why not embrace it?In our latest podcast about the qualities of healthy versus unhealthy relationships, our guest, psychot...

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Nov 19, 2023
Our 2024 Live Event | May 1-3. Bend, OR.

Hello my friends, I hope this message finds you well. I'm excited to announce our latest project, Awake and Aware 2024, a 3-day in-person workshop from May 1st to 3rd, 2024, in Bend, Oregon.If you want to cut to the chase Here is the event websi...

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Nov 11, 2023
Why we give less effort when part of a group

Do you do this too?When I receive an email and more than a few people are cc'd, I am far less likely to respond than if I am the only recipient. In the same vein, when I send an email to a bunch of people asking for something, few answer. When I emai...

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Sep 30, 2023
The kids who hated math have something to teach us

Hold LightlyOur most recent pod featured investigative journalist Scott Carney speaking about The Power of Lightly Held Beliefs. The premise is that holding onto an idea lightly and being open to change is a potent force.This got me thinking about an...

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Aug 19, 2023