Happy Holidays

Dec 10, 2021 10:16 pm


Welcome to the end of the year and the start of a new season of life.

Another year has come and gone, leaving me truly wondering what in the world has happened. I kind of want to recap, but that means I would have to look back when, in all honestly, I am working hard to look forward. I want you to look forward with me and I’m going to give you a few things to look forward to this month, and the months ahead.

However, I want to mention a couple of things that I am extremely excited happened.

One, they elected me to the Authors’ Club of Augusta, as the first African American, and also the first female, officer in the 95 year history of the club. At my acceptance speech I truly wanted to shout, “let’s get crunk up in this joint”, but one member of the club was actually at Pearl Harbor when the attack happened, which in hindsight wouldn’t have been cute.

This is me and Dr. John Hayes, the President elect. I look like that because Dr. Hayes is nice, and he bought me wine to go with my dinner. I didn’t eat the dinner. I enjoyed the wine though, which is why I’m looking somewhere else and don’t know what’s going on. John knows I'm twisted which is why he's looking at the camera as if he knows better than to let me speak in more than three consecutive sentences. Him is my new best friend. Him so Southern, we had our first official meeting on his front porch and he let me have the rocking chair as he chatted from the porch swing. Yes, we walked over to my favorite coffee shop, got coffee and walked back. Irony, he's a historian who also majored in theology (Gabriel) and him birthday is the day before mine. I'm excited.


So, from here, let’s look forward. This weekend I have two things happening.

December 11th

This Saturday the 11th is a Scavenger Hunt.


#writingcommunity #writinglife #authorlife

To participate, join my Facebook group or follow me on Instagram.


A very Public FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1211460869347035

To see which other authors are participating, search for the hashtag.


Email me your answers and the game ends Sunday. Here's the game card.

Here's my email: olivia@ogaines.com

Winner announced Sunday with a $20 Amazon gift card.




Also, I have a book on sale this weekend for $.99 Get the Deal Breaker here.


December 14th

Ebenezer arrives to light up your holiday heart. Get your copy here.


December 20-24th

Talk about upsetting the apple cart. Angelis and Fauvette, learn to sing a different tune and avoid gelatin meals. Get your copy here.


December 25th

Merry Christmas from me to you. Download this free 2022 Literary Calendar Here.


December 27- 31st

Derrick and Naima are always a favorite of mine. You can add this one to your library by clicking here.


Let's see what else do I have to say to you....It has been an amazing month.

I think for now, I'm just going to close this out...wait. I forgot something. Next week I'm heading to Nebraska. Yep. In December. Yep. I'm dumb, but I gotta get'er done. Here is the line up for 2022 of Modern Mail Order brides.


One last thing... I love you and Happy Holidays.


avatar Veronica
Hello Ms Gaines! First let me say congratulations! I look forward to the scavenger hunt, I all ready have the books you are offering so thank you! Can't wait to get Blue Christmas ?! Love you too and happy holidays to you as well!