Marching into a Wonderful Reading Year

Mar 09, 2022 4:16 pm


Olivia's March Newsletter


It is March and I am once more sitting behind my desk, chomping at the bit to share with you the latest in my writing world. I try to add interesting tidbits but also include information that is relevant to your reading life. This month, I have so much good news to share that I simply want to scream.


First, let’s talk about Katherine Moves to Kansas.


I took a writing leap with this modern mail order bride to pen a bit outside of the box. If you remember, Katy Mae is Beau Montgomery's sister. She goes through the normal process of dropping in to Perfect Match in New York to do a favor for Khloe, her sister in law.

The fun happens when she bumps into her husband to be at the hotel. Katy Mae is a no-nonsense mountain gal that is nothing like she seems. I paired her with a by the books go getter that is all about structure. Katy Mae doesn't want to hear any of that . Over the course of the first two weeks of their marriage, a great number of changes come at them both.

The story begs the question of what makes a marriage?

Download your copy to read.



I've been holding this news close to the vet for several months and I am super pleased to share this with you. I partnered with @ScribD to publish the Zelda Dairies into Audio Books. The first one is available. The even better news is that you can try out the service for 30 Days for free.


The entire series is coming to Scribd! Get the first book in the series here!!!

***********************imageBlind Seed

I thought this was going to be a tough write since he's such a tough guy and the other technicians think he's scary. I got to the end of the book and he slowly started giving me the portions of his back story which made him who he is, but there are also portions of his story that make him terrifying.

I balance that out with the Glitter Man's daughter, whose story, almost intersects with Falling Rock's backstory.

There are no kids in this one since the seeds of life from Glitter Man and Falling Rocks' father created the offsprings who understand how hard life can be.

The story is sexy as heck though. Coming this Spring.




Chapter 2- You want a cookie with that?

Caleb Morrow stood behind the counter of the coffee shop five days a week, and sometimes on weekends if a fellow coffee maker called in sick or needed a day off. Overall, he loved the coffee shop, connecting with the community and being a central hub to meet with friends. What he didn't like were the rude people who refused to offer a greeting, but instead chose to bark out thier orders as if the people behind the counter were less than human, only there to serve thier caffeination needs. Each day, half dazed bodies wandered in, placing orders and standing like zombies waiting for fresh brains to walk by to activate them into motion.

Today was no different, well that was until he served her. A lovely woman on the outside, but she too failed to offer a greeting, just barked out her order. He made it, adding a bit of extra caramel, using the dark roast for her double shot, and giving it a bit more foam. For good measure, he added a bit of heavy cream instead of milk and passed the order over for delivery.

He wasn't sure what made him stop what he was doing, but he wanted to see her reaction to the addition of the cream. A untrained palate wouldn't notice the subtlety of the creaminess, and he was curious to see if she would. To his surprise, she noticed. Her eyes rolled upward as if manna had touched her tongue and she had arrived to be fed from the fingertips of Jesus.

Normally, he kept his comments to himself, offering only a greeting to the customers, but her reaction made his morning. Before he knew it, his lips were moving and his tongue was speaking words he should have kept to himself.

"I know I make a good coffee, but you're about to make a man's head swell," Caleb said to the woman.

The look she gave him was enough to shut down a stampede. He wasn't a punk, he gave the look back to her, meeting her eyes, daring her to say any word other than thank you. The lovely woman went one better, she gave him a smile.

It wasn't much, but it was a start. He asked, "you want a cookie with that?"


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