June, Travel & Testing Positive

Jun 15, 2022 3:16 pm


Olivia's June Newsletter

Welcome to June and the month I tested positive.


It is true. I tested positive last week for Covid. The month started out with a bang, me on a plane, headed to Las Vegas to see Anita Baker. She was amazing. The venue was packed. People were signing with her and crying along as well, myself included. Therefore, I have logically deduced that Anita Baker gave me the Rona. It’s not true of course, but it beats the possibility of me increasing my own risk by heading across country on a plane, to a concert with a thousand people and not coming back with the cooties.

However, once I found out, you know what, I relaxed. Yep, I relaxed. I’m vaxxed, I’m boosted, and unless I do something stupid, I will be okay.

My positivity helped. Positivity comes in all shapes and sizes. Positivity comes from connection and love, creativity, and humor, savoring and gratitude; it’s when you feel energized by an exciting new idea or hobby, or when you look in awe at the beauty of nature. Positivity opens your heart and your mind to the world.

Here are just a few reasons to add more positivity to your life:

1. Positivity Feels Awesome

Feeling good motivates you to change for the better and to give back. When you’re feeling down, you can’t help but be defensive and only focus on your own needs. Feeling positive is a gift to share with others.

2. Positivity Alters the Mind

Positivity not only changes the quality of thoughts in your mind, but also expands the boundaries of your mind. Positivity gives you the tools to bounce back and find new options in your life. Positivity keeps your focus on your larger goals and aspirations in life. Positivity increases your patience and compassion, and helps you to forgive sooner. Positivity enables you to let go of negative thoughts and to stay connected with those your love.

3. Positivity Lightens the Load

Our positive emotions tend to fade, but increasing our experiences of positivity over time brings out the best in us. Positivity increases resourcefulness, optimism, and resiliency. It also improves your relationships through allowing you to form better social connections.

4. Positivity Halts Negative Thoughts

In a split second negativity can ruin your day, but positivity can bring you back to a happier mindset. Positivity is like a second chance: it can take you from being angry at yourself for being late to work, to realizing how lucky you are to be employed. Positivity means making the best out of your circumstances- it’s what it takes to be resilient.

5. Positivity Creates Positivity

You have more influence over how you’re feeling moment-to-moment than you’d think. Just as you have the ability to be negative, you also have the ability to be positive. Increasing your happiness is just as much about not paying as much attention to the negative as it is tending to the positive aspects of your life.

Making positivity a habit is how you open yourself up to seeing new possibilities, and learn to cope with difficulties. Positivity doesn’t mean burying your head in the sand. It doesn’t prevent bad things from happening, but it can, nonetheless, make a very noticeable difference in your life.

It is June. I have celebrated my 32nd wedding anniversary, connected with old friends, friend my office and bedroom, and I am only 15 days into the month. Testing positive has given me time to clean up the rough edges. Thank you Anita Baker for giving me the best that you got, and giving me a chance to test positive again in my life.




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I've been holding this news close to the vest for several months and I am super pleased to share this with you. I partnered with @ScribD to publish the Zelda Dairies into Audio Books. The fourth one is now available. The even better news is that you can try out the service for 30 Days for free.


The entire series is now available on Scribd! listen to then all here!




Chapter 5- You Want Cream with That?

Lola didn't know why, but for some odd reason, the rescue by her daring barista left her feeling out of sorts. Her over active imagination went to work cancelling out opportunities yet to present themselves in her favor. The romance between her and the hunky coffee creator was over before it started. She'd talked herself out of the possibility and avoid his coffee shop like the plague. This, of course made her crabby, and forced to brew her own cup of coffee at home, which meant she either had to set the pot before she went to bed, or pull herself together enough in the morning, to get it going before her shower.

"I can't make a decent cup of coffee to save my soul," she grumbled, missing her morning friends.

She arrived at the office, full prepared to decapitate anyone who dared offer her a smile. In the lobby, on the opposite end of the elevators she first could smell it. Then she heard the deep baritone of her morning lover. Her steps were slow as she walked down the corridor, her high heels clicking on the tiled floor, rounding the corner to spot him, behind a coffee cart, as if he were waiting for her.

In his hand he held a large cup, complete with a cardboard koozie. He poured a heaping helping of harmony, passing it to her.

"You want cream with that?" He asked, offering her a million dollar smile. Others passed by gabbing cups of Joe, a dropping dollar bills into a jar. She fumbled in her purse to do the same.

"No cream, I don't mind taking it black and strong," she said, feeling her cheeks warm.

"You stopped coming to me, so I decided to come to you Lola," he told her, offering that same yummy smile.

"And what is it you want in return...I'm sorry, I don't know your name," she said, feeling bashful.

"Caleb. Caleb Morrow," he said, pouring more coffee to stick into passing hands. "You have the coffee, how about the conversation to go with it?"

There it was. The question had filtered into the universe and either she would say yes, or give him a big, fat, caffeinated no. He held his breath waiting for her answer.

"Are you asking me out on a date?"

"No, I am asking you to sit down, have a cup of coffee and a conversation on life, liberty and the endless pursuit of happiness," Caleb replied. "Please, don't let the apron fool you. There is more to me than meets the cup."

Lola searched his eyes. He was right. Those weren't the eyes of a shiftless man who made coffee to make ends meet. Caleb Morrow's eyes belonged to a man who knew what he wanted in life. His eyes said he wanted her.

"Sure," she answered, "why not?"


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