April, Renewing the Book Lover In You

Apr 01, 2022 11:31 pm


Olivia's April Newsletter

It's April and I'm sitting here, filled with cold and allergy issues because I live in the South and we have yellow Spring snow. I guess that's why I chose yellow for Blind Seed's cover. it is such a cheerful color and can renew the spirit. This month, take a second to think of ways to renew your spirit, renew your energy and spark joy in your life. You only get one...life that is, please enjoy it.

Renew Your Spirit.

  1. Do something nice for someone you love.
  2. Focus on positive affirmations.
  3. Get enough sleep.
  4. Remind yourself of success.
  5. Start a journal.


Excerpt....Chapter One

In his backpack, Falling Rocks had a small flask of dark blood warmer, but he didn’t think it was a good idea to imbibe of his nightly ritual with a lady present in such tight quarters. One, he couldn’t tell how old she really was, although he knew she’d ran for Idaho State track team, but that was a year or few past. Somewhere, he’d read, and couldn’t remember where he’d heard she was trying out for the Olympic team in the 5,000 meters, but as far as he knew, nothing came of it. The last thing he needed was to have her on edge believing him to take to his cups, then take it out on her. That kind of thing wasn’t his style. They only had to get through the night, then he’d get home, shower, have a real meal and get on with it.

Hopefully, once he got to his truck and a lot closer to civilization, he would call the Archangel and make sure nothing came of the current situation as well. There was no room in his way of life for a lover, a wife, or babysitting the daughter of a notorious psychopath. He’d also planned to make that clear to the lady so there would be no misunderstandings of who he was and his intentions. He had no intentions other than getting rid of her.

“Nine times out of ten, the child of a psychopath is also a psychopath,” he muttered under his breath.

She didn’t look up or say a word to him in response as she rolled out a thin, camping mattress, which looked more like a yoga mat. The green, Army styled jacket she wore came off, revealing a slender form. Squatting down like a she was about to reduce her body of a load of waste, the boots she wore got unlaced, and leaned upside down against the backpack, which would serve as a pillow. The jacket she used as a blanket, throwing it across her body. And just as if it were an everyday thing, the woman laid back, closed her eyes, let out a sigh, and it appeared as if she’d fallen asleep.

Falling Rocks sat, staring, waiting for her to move or blink, or shift, but she didn’t. He knew, because he watched her for twenty minutes before his own eyelids protested at his desire to keep them open. Slowly, he gave in, leaning back on the cot after also removing his boots and turning them upside down. The way the boots smelled, he probably should have placed them outside of the tent, but he didn’t ask for the company. He’d also eaten a second helping of beans, praying that the gas monster would make a late-night visit since a closed-in tent was the perfect conduit for a Dutch Oven.

Thinking better of being sealed inside of a gas chamber that would get loaded with methane, he unzipped the tent a bit for some air flow. The last thing he ever wanted was to be found dead from his own noxious fumes, inside a tent in the middle of nowhere with the daughter of a crazy man. He turned his head once more to look at her, and still, she hadn’t moved.

“Shit, I hope she’s not dead,” he mumbled, giving in to the sleep. Tomorrow was a new day. Tonight, he saw no need to pick a fight with the woman, especially since his plan was to be rid of her as soon as he could.

At least, that was his plan. The rest, they say, is for the history books.

💃🏾 🤸🏿

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Chapter 3- It's A Blouse; I have Others

The wintery wind blustered by Lola as she made her way to the elevator. Her favorite barista at the coffee shop wasn't there this morning and the crowd seemed rowdy and the coffee brewers moved slower than molasses. All of the early day nonsense nearly made her forgo her morning dose of 'I can deal with you now' and simply come to work, allowing the peasants to fend for themselves. She was ready to unleash the hounds on any unsuspecting villager that got in the way of her coffee fixation. Adding insult to her poorly caffeinated injury, a meeting had been called by the big boss at her place of employment. Nine am meetings with the big boss was never good.

Lola stepped from the elevator, rounded the corner and walked smack dab into Lonnie from the mail room. The perfect cup of attitudinal adjustment spilled then ran down the front of her white blouse.

"Oh shoot. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," Lonnie called out reaching for her as if he actually had the unmitigated gall, to touch the front of her blouse where her breast was also offended.

Angry, frustrated and ready to peel Lonnie's skin from his eyelids, she didn't have time to change. Lola, having no choice entered the conference room to see the powers that be from corporate, also in the room. She felt small and wanted the floor to open and swallow her whole. All eyes in the room was on her stained shirt, which clung to her body emphasizing the brown splotch on the white silk. Just as she thought the moment couldn't get any worse, in the corner of the conference room was coffee service, being manned by her favorite barista. As she took a seat, he walked over, handing her a large cloth napkin, big enough to hide the stain, and a fresh cup of coffee.

"Lola, it appears the morning has gotten the better of you," her boss said, sound facetious.

"Sir, it's a blouse. I have others," she told him, opening her portfolio prepared to take notes. "My apologies for my delay, shall we get started."

The guy from the coffee shop, her barista, her morning does of salvation had mounted his white coffee cup and ridden to her rescue. All could possibly be right in the world.



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