You’re invited to my exclusive launch party! 🎉

On Jan 8, I got this message from Pat Gostek:“It’s over! I quit my job today! 🙌It feels amazing. A few months ago I joined here and built a business to $24k per month. Now I’m officially running my business full-time, no longer as a side-hustle! I’m...

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Jan 23, 2024
MDW launch team - january 19/2023 update

Happy FRIDAY!!  Book updates from the week... 🫰 10 days till launch!!! 🫰✅ What happened:Launch Month Content. Finished drafting and compiling the launch emails for the rest of launch, including launch week. Good to get content dialed in early to...

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Jan 19, 2024
Revealing my Million Dollar Marketing strategy

Marketing can be broken down into 3 steps:1- Make a great product.2- Set a clear goal with a timeline.3- Break down the goal (by marketing method).In this email, I’ll walk through the exact process of marketing Million Dollar Weekend (and how you can...

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Jan 16, 2024
MDW launch team - january 12/2023 update

Happy FRIDAY!! Book updates from the week…. 🫰 17 days till launch!!! 🫰✅ What happened:Launch Month Content. Writing out the emails, tweets / linkedin / etc for the entire month. Trying to provide value in every post and give insights people haven’t h...

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Jan 13, 2024
We slept in the woods for 5 days…

I’d been dreaming of working with him for decades.He’s the writer behind two of my favorite books (Never Split The Difference & Never Eat Alone).His name is Tahl Raz – and I thought that if I could combine his writing skills with my book idea, we...

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Jan 09, 2024
MDW launch team - january 8/2023 update

Happy MONDAY!!  Book updates from the week…. 🫰 24 days till launch!!! 🫰✅ What happened:Prep for Launch. Spent more time coordinating youtube videos, podcast, social AND email to all be on the same page for announcement day.LAUNCH DAY. On Friday,...

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Jan 08, 2024
Don’t tell my publisher 🤫

After three years of writing with Tahl Raz (Never Split the Difference, Never Eat Alone), I am INSANELY excited to share ALL my knowledge from starting eight $1M+ businesses in my new book Million Dollar Weekend, launching on Tuesday, January 30th.&n...

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Jan 05, 2024