Can I hire you? (or give you a $2,000 referral bonus)

Jan 13, 2021 8:16 pm


I think the #1 job creator of the future will be YouTube… 

So we’re doubling down!

🤠 I’m HIRING - Marketing Associate


Hiring a Marketing Associate to work with us:

  • Enjoys research and can write epic video scripts / outlines
  • Data-driven and resourceful coming up with great videos
  • Wants to work with an amazing team and learn a ton about marketing :) 

Also giving a $2,000 referral bonus to anyone who refers the person we hire. 🤑

Check out the Marketing Associate role here

🎥 How Peter McKinnon Makes $1,975,708 a Year


Peter McKinnon reached out to me after our last video saying some of the numbers were off. 

So we did another deep dive to make a better version for YOU. 

Check it out here to learn how to apply the same for your business

🤓 How to Grow 100,000 Reader Email List


I talked to Codie Sanchez for last week’s podcast… and she was SUPER impressive.

Last year, she grew her email newsletter from 0 to 100K+ subscribers. 

Check out her newsletter, Contrarian Thinking: Think Critically + Cashflow Unconventionally

I love how she highlights the WINS her readers are getting:

  • 29 people started newsletters, 
  • 16 new businesses started (+ 84 side hustles)
  • 8 companies purchased

Sign up here to add your results to this list

Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan