Want to get rich and work together?

Jul 07, 2021 12:31 pm

I learned this “business” stuff the hard way.

I was fired, lived in my mom’s basement, and most of my companies failed. (aka all of them)

But eventually, I found something that worked. Here are the biggest lessons I learned. 

🎥 Do THIS In Your 20s To Get Rich In Your 30s


Learn from my mistakes so you can avoid them

🤠 Want To Work With Me? 


Many of the best people I’ve ever hired… Took action before we started working together.

  • Chad (Biz partner) = Created product for free
  • Mitchell (Partnerships) = Volunteered at Sumo Charity Ride
  • Jeremy (Producer) = Ran my Instagram for weeks

Now I’m looking for a Marketing Apprentice to join us.

This is a GREAT opportunity for the right person. (and a great perk for the right referral 🌮)

Comment or DM on Twitter if you know someone impressive

🏖️ Beach Towels


I have a confession. 

I’m obsessed with these towels. I literally just bought 6 of them. They’re amazing. 

Soft, dry super fast, and portable. Plus they make great gifts. 

Check out Tesalate and Slowtide (not sponsored just love ‘em). 

Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan