MDW launch team - september 22/2023 update

Sep 22, 2023 5:26 pm

Happy Friday! Some delectable book updates…. 🫰

✅ What happened:

New York Trip. Spent a hectic 72 hours in NYC... Exhausted 😅  Filmed 2 YouTube videos (oil tanker owner and Larry Janesky who does $650m a year with a basement business), podcast with Adam Gilbert, did a schvitz with Tahl Raz (my collaborator), hung with the publisher (Penguin) and my agent (Lisa DiMona). 

Podcasts. Monday, I recorded a podcast with Ryan Daniel Moran and got a TON of great advice on book marketing - main takeaway was double down on your own audience vs trying to get on other shows plus Audible is under marketed. On Thursday I recorded a podcast on Paula Pant’s show Afford Anything! Super fun.

More Prep for Podcasts. Focusing on the main 20-30 questions I could be asked and having 1-2 solid talking points with success stories (from my experience, teaching others, and these MDW cohorts I’m running...). Great lesson like all comics, speakers, presenters - it takes practice. Keep refining your craft. 

📋 What’s coming up:

Small Daily Action. Each day, continuing to confirm a few bulk orders for the book, lining up podcasts and friends for help. Bit by bit, person by person...

Million Dollar Weekend Resources and Website. HUGE thank you to Derek for gifting me milliondollarweekend dot com. It’s not live yet. Will use it to launch the book. Building out the website and all the free resources to help make you as successful as possible. 

Last Pass of the book. In traditional publishing world it takes ~3 years to get a book live. I’m on the last final revision of the material, so excited 1- to see you be successful with this book and 2- get you the latest version in the next few months. 

🔦 MDW Reader Spotlight:

- Recent weekend cohort - Tom Grow - crushed it. Got 3 pre-sales and validated his idea. Plus pitched to Paul English (started and Derek Sivers (entrepreneur and author - started Got rejected but said “Isn’t that AWESOME?!!! I got REJECTED by two very well-known business people!” Rejection Goals Tom! 👏👏

❓ Question:

What’s the last great book you read? 

Be Epic,