I DM’d billionaires & CEOs for business advice

Aug 11, 2021 5:31 pm

I reached out to billionaire entrepreneurs and asked them for business advice. 

When making any ask... key is to keep it simple. 

🎥 DMing Billionaires & CEOs For Business Advice


See the messages and responses here.

✍️ New Tools for Authors 


Thinking about finally writing that book? 

AppSumo now has epic tools for book authors. 

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🗓 How CEOs Manage Time


I love an organized calendar. But after reading How CEOs Manage Time, I realized my calendar didn’t reflect my priority. 

Now I spend an hour planning my calendar each week. And I created “Noah’s Calendar SOP” (pictured above). 

For yourself, think what’s the #1 priority AND does your calendar reflect that? 

Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan