Noah’s Nuggets - “Keep Going” Edition

Sep 14, 2023 12:30 pm

Howdy friend, here's 3 fun nuggets to make your week even better...

🏎 Manny Khoshbin: From Homeless to $200M+


Manny Khoshbin came to the U.S. speaking NO English, lived out of a station wagon, and started several failed businesses…

You’d think this is a recipe for disaster, but he ended up building a $200 million real estate empire instead. 

If you haven’t already heard his story, find out why this video has over 1M views in the last month.

💪 Keep Going


• Drake: 133 songs → 38 hits (28%

• Beyonce: 89 songs → 22 hits (24%

• Red Hot Chili Peppers: 265 songs → 13 hits (5%

70%+ of their output is NOT popular. Meanwhile, you post one video and give up immediately…

This is your reminder: stop giving up and KEEP GOING.

🥾 Air Compression Boots


LOVE these. Compression boots (not sponsored) make recovery from biking workouts WAY faster.

Super simple to use too — I just zip ‘em up while working from home or relaxing. 

Noticed a huge improvement the next day. These are the cheaper versions of a fancier brand.

Not gonna lie, they are still a tad pricey but well worth it. 

Either way, treat yo’ legs.

Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan

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