This shipowner went viral 🚢

Nov 09, 2023 1:31 pm

Howdy amigos - this email is all about relation-ships…


🚢 Michael Hudner


This video clip featuring a shipowner went VIRAL on my channel - over 18M views to date 🤯. So we tracked him down and flew to Rhode Island for the rest of his story. 

Michael Hudner has had many highs and lows in life, with plenty of lessons on how to:

  • Follow your passions
  • Evade toxic money culture 
  • Overcome tragic losses and treasure relationships

Watch it here.

💔 Divorce Attorney’s Thoughts on Love and Marriage


We don’t get taught about love and marriage in school. Yet it’s a critical part of life. I really liked this interview about them. 

James (a divorce attorney) has fascinating lessons about how to have healthy relationships. You may not like all his answers. Give it a listen.

❤️‍ Intimacy Deck


This deck of cards (not sponsored) is a super cool product that I’ve used to spark more meaningful conversations with my girlfriend.

Tons of questions on life, relationships, love…some spicy ones too. 🌶 It’s a great primer for building deeper relationships. 

Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan