MDW launch team - august 4/2023 update

Aug 04, 2023 7:01 pm

Happy Friday! Wanted to share book updates….

:white_check_mark: What happened:

  • Finding Up & Coming Creators. Really like the idea of doubling down on smaller creators on youtube/tiktok/instagram to help promote or review the book. Especially interested in book reviewers / finance / real estate category. Thanks for all your suggestions. These people are more accessible and have engaged audiences. Something to consider for your own businesses.
  • Publicity/Marketing Campaign. Working with the publisher to plan out the events/tv/media that will be a part of the book launch.

:clipboard: What’s coming up:

  • Book Blurbs. Trying to finalize book blurbs in the next 2-3 weeks.
  • Taking Small Daily Action. Each day, continuing to confirm a few bulk orders for the book and reach out to a few podcasts and friends for help with the book. Bit by bit, mile by mile...

:question: Question:

  • After reading Million Dollar Weekend - what is ONE thing you’d HOPE to improve about your business / life?

Have an awesome weekend!

Be Epic,