Neville Have I Ever…

Aug 26, 2020 8:11 pm

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🎥 8 Ways to be a Little Happier Today


I lived with my best friend Neville for a month and he lives VERY differently than most people.

Here’s what I learned from him (and I’m sharing with you):

  • How to instantly improve your feelings
  • How to build your home nest no matter your budget
  • How to eat happy

Click here to watch the video from one of the simplest minds I know (that’s a good thing!). 

🤔 (Young) Jeff Bezos — Regret Minimization Framework 


I’ve revisited this framework countless times for big decisions. 

This 3-minute clip might save you YEARS of business mistakes.

📚 Book of the Week: Getting to “I Do” 


You might be surprised by this book choice.

BUT if you read what everyone else reads… you’ll get the results everyone else gets. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to attract the right man
  • Why sex before a commitment is a bad deal
  • What makes a man run away from a relationship

Try this book for your next reading challenge… 

Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan 

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