MDW launch team - september 18/2023 update

Sep 18, 2023 5:19 pm

Happy Monday! Some tasty book updates….

✅ What happened:

- Speaking points prep. Had an AWESOME meeting with my friend and author Vanessa Van Edwards on how to best prepare for upcoming interviews and get people as excited about the book as I am. Going to do a few shows to get practice in and keep refining the questions I could get asked and best answers. Practice practice practice. 

- Exciting news. I might be doing a segment on “CNBC Make It” for the book. 🤞 

- MDW resources. Tommy worked his ass off to make sure we have all the resources available / documented to make your life as easy as possible. Templates, spreadsheets, video demos, etc… 

📋 What’s coming up:

- LinkedIn Pre-fluencers. Reaching out to entrepreneurship/marketing/business writers on LinkedIn to collab on the book. Any recommendations???

- 1:1 MDW in Austin. Choosing a winner and planning one person’s million dollar weekend with me in Austin later this month.

- New York City. Flying to NYC next week. Going to be recording some podcasts! 

🔦 MDW Reader Spotlight:

- Recent weekend cohort - Ashly McHatton - made $50! “1 payment down for Tiktok offer, 2 to go.  2 calls booked tomorrow for setting up go high level and email sequences.  Testing 3rd offer. Determined to validate one of these this week.” 👏👏

- Sept 1 weekend cohort - Ash Kharel - launched a roofing marketing agency said “closed another $497 for roofing agency, i know it’s not a close till they pay but we scheduled a in person call... if this closes, it’s $1K first week  60% closing rate.” MDW process works for more than just a weekend 🔥

❓ Question:

- What’s ONE small step will you take this week to move closer to your goal?

🎁 Little Bonus:

- Get my Quant-Based Marketing Spreadsheet I used to grow from zero to 1 million users. It’s an exclusive book resource but I wanted to share it early with you...

Be Epic,