I will lose $55k in real estate this year

Nov 02, 2023 12:31 pm

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🏘️ I Will Lose $55k...


No one talks about losing money in real estate.

The message most people hear is: buy real estate and passive income falls from the sky. ✨

Not true. If I had taken my original downpayment and put it into the stock market instead, I would have been richer with MUCH less hassle. 😬

So how exactly did I lose money, and what did I learn? Read the details here.



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🏢 Real Estate Winner


There are people who do understand real estate as an ACTIVE investment with deep knowledge that can do amazingly well. 

Manny Khoshbin, who made his money in commercial real estate, understands its cyclical nature. Watch him explain how he used that knowledge to his advantage to make millions. 

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Noah Kagan