8 business books you’ve never heard of

Oct 20, 2021 5:31 pm

Chances are you’ve read books like Zero to One and The 4-Hour Workweek.

Those books are great. But if you want an advantage, you have to read what other people are not.

Here are 8 books you probably haven’t heard of — that helped me with problems in my business.

🎥 The 8 Best Business Books You’ve Never Heard Of


Watch to find out how these books can help your business.

🏃‍♂️ Prioritize NOW, Not How


Dive in headfirst and course correct along the way. 

You’ll receive real-world feedback much quicker.

Mitchell has worked directly with me for the past two years. 

Go check out his tweet on the top eight lessons he learned while working with me.

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Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan