20-year-old founders making $1M+ a year

Jun 30, 2021 12:45 pm

Zuck started Facebook at 19, Bill Gates started Microsoft at 20, but those guys are different...

How about the average kids who started million-dollar businesses? 

🎥 20-Year-Old Entrepreneurs Making Over $1M/Year


Learn from their inspiring stories, so you can do the same.

📈 James Clear’s Playbook to 1 Million Email Subscribers


AppSumo did an amazing breakdown on the James Clear 1 Million Email Subscriber Playbook.

Here’s one of my favorite parts:

“The most important thing is also the least sexy one. I wrote two to three articles per week for three years, and I tried my best every time.” - James Clear

There a TON of other goodies in there too. 

Check it out here (free for the next 7 days).

📸 Selfie or It Didn't Happen


Sometimes the best thing you can do for your business...is take a short break. 

Go hang out with friends and clear your head. 

And ALWAYS snap a pic when you do. 

Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan