MDW launch team - november 3/2023 update

Nov 03, 2023 10:33 pm

Happy Friday!  Wanted to share book updates….🫰

✅ What happened:

  • MDW Landing Page. Added a TON of testimonials from y'all on the book landing page. Coming along & looking 🔥. Last chance to get FEATURED on the landing page. Just
  • Goodreads Giveaway. Launched a sneaky giveaway through Goodreads to give away 30 galleys of the book! If you're in the U.S. and want an early copy,! Will be doing another bigger giveaway in Jan :)
  • Book Box. Working on creating a fun book care package to send out to influencers. Currently - a copy of the book, $1 bill, a Pilot G2 (my favorite pen) and a thank you note. Any other ideas for what would make people think "wow" ???
  • Podcasts Recordings. Did a few more podcasts this week! Getting my reps in & my talking points dialed. Was on Brett Malinowski's show yesterday 🙂

📋 What’s coming up:

  • Bike Trip. Taking bit of time this weekend & next week to bike through AZ with a good friend. Last break before the book sprint!
  • Content Strategy. Finalizing the timing and email sequences for the book launch. Thinking of pushing the "big announcement" from Dec 1 to Jan 2, to pack it all into 1 month. Think it'll lead to more hype / engagement & all around FUN.

🔦 MDW Reader Spotlight:

  • Recent weekend cohort - Chris Masters - was awesome. Said “After going through the idea process and determining what I would love to work on, I decided on Marketing for Massage Therapists. I validated the idea with three of my therapist friends, and two pre-purchased my ebook... What really blows my mind is that I found a product to sell with a high profit margin and only requires a low percentage of the market to reach my goal." Way to go Chris! 👏👏

Be Epic,