New biz who dis?

Oct 15, 2020 8:11 pm


🎥 3 NEW Ways to Start a Business (Live Examples) 


Here are 3 NEW ways to start or grow your business.

Best part? You can copy each in under 30 minutes with NO money required. 

📚 Kind is Cool


Last week’s podcast I interviewed Houston Kraft, aka “The Kindest Person I Ever Met.”

He just launched his book Deep Kindness on practical ways to put kindness into action.

Turns out, there’s a difference between being nice (reactive) and being KIND (proactive). 

Which one are you? 

🛠 Rocks, Pebbles, & Sand


David Sacks, original COO of PayPal (“PayPal Mafia” founding era) — outlines how to scale from a 50 to 500 employee SaaS company

He uses the “jar analogy” to illustrate operating cycles.

Start with your rocks (new products), then pebbles (features), then sand (small fixes).

Same can be applied to ANY business or personal productivity system. 

Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan

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