The Law of 💯

Aug 12, 2020 8:06 pm


🎥 How to ACTUALLY Stick to Your Goals and Routines


I quit Intel after 14 months. Fired by Facebook after 9 months. Quit Mint after 9 months…

24 business ideas later I FINALLY found one to stick with. It’s turned into an 8-figure company.

Here are the 9 proven strategies I’ve used to stick with and accomplish my goals.

🧘‍♂️ Sound Healing Gift For You 


Sound healing, aka “sound bath”, classes are one of my FAVORITE ways to relax and reset.

I hired my friend Carol from Zero Gravity Institute (if you’re in Austin check them out!) to lead a class this afternoon on Zoom. 

I already paid for it so it’s completely free for you. My treat because I love y’all. :) 

It’s today at 1pm CT here is the link to sign up

😋 New Favorite Chocolate 


Honey Mama’s chocolate is TOO good. 

The Ginger Cardamom Cacao-Nectar Bar was my favorite. You’ve been warned. 

H/T Justin Mares for the recommendation.

Be Epic,

Noah Kagan

Ps. Here's your invite to my YouTube party 🎉