Taco bout a lot going on

Mar 18, 2020 5:01 pm

Life’s a bit crazy right now.

But there ARE things we can control...

💪 [Prepare Your Biz] Recession Proof Business #1 

🚀 [Productivity] Gamechanger - Speed Up All Your Videos

🎹 [Distract Yourself] “Aha” Business Moments - 6-figure food blogger on how she grew.

💸 [Pay It Forward] Help Save a Local Business

Stay safe,

Noah “Sanitizer” Kagan

avatar Dale Dubilowski
Just saying hi ? love that Sendfox has commenting ?
avatar Max Sandoval
It is a refreshing change to see a CEO telling you and your business to stay positive, productive, humble and most important - pay it forward. I love this message. Please keep up the amazing, game changing work Noah.
avatar Mawi
Noah, just started getting your e-mails a few weeks back. Each one is a game changer. Greatly appreciate the insight. #NextLevel
avatar todd
Dude, some great stuff in these crazy times....
avatar noah
Thanks so much for the comments. Love you guys. Doing my best to Stay positive over here....
avatar Garrett
Great resources, thanks Noah. Stay safe everyone.
avatar Pedro
This will pass, and the world will change. Forever.
avatar Pete
I could not get Gamechanger to speed up Amazon Prime videos so I switched to SpeedUp
avatar Pete
I don't recommend buying gift cards at this time--many of those companies will go out of business and then the gift cards will be worthless. Better yet: buy something to be delivered from them now and tip well so both the owner and the employees benefit.