Noah’s Notes - “Jeff Ross” Edition

Jan 23, 2020 7:01 pm

Every year I create a list called The Attainables.

That’s my list of DREAM people I’d love to chat with, and share their stories for you.

One person on that list is Jeff Ross, the RoastMaster General...

And we got him. 🎣

So this week, we’re dedicating the email to him.

🎟️ [Hookup]

Go comment on Jeff’s Instagram that you heard him on my podcast — and use the hashtag #noahkagan. I’ll pick one person to get 2 free tickets to his Bumping Mics show in your city. Plus I’ll give away his book to 5 people. 

🎧 [My Podcast]

Jeff Ross. I interviewed Jeff inside his hotel room when he was visiting Austin for his show — and he roasted ME. A few takeaways:

  • Mentors and appreciating the older generation. Picking up little tricks from his mentor Buddy Hackett. He also shares a story about bowling at Eddie Murphy’s mansion.
  • Thinking for yourself. If you can generate your OWN ideas, you can be the boss. 
  • Jeff’s large neon sign in his house says “Enjoy The Process”. Great daily reminder.

🔦 [Podcast Spotlight]

Thick Skin with Jeff Ross. I was feeling a bit bummed out the other week… so I put on this podcast and it made me feel awesome. “Life is hard, but we’re going to get through it together.” 

Be epic,

Noah “Medium Roast” Kagan

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