MDW launch team - september 1/2023 update

Sep 01, 2023 5:36 pm

Happy Friday! Wanted to share book updates….

:white_check_mark: What happened:

  • AppSumo Integration. Working with Amazon Books to work out integration of AppSumo with their bookstore for launch. In your own business how can you leverage assets / network / audience you already have to help you out?
  • Podcast bookings. Confirmed to get on Tim Ferriss and Art of Manliness for launch. Scheduling more. HUGE.
  • Mood Swings. Some days I get a person to buy the book (yay!) and another day a friend isn’t able to help promote (boo) - both impact my mood, big time. It happens, we are all human. That’s part of the entrepreneur journey. The important point is to know it’ll happen, be clear on your dream, not get sidelined by 1 rejection and keep going. 💪

:clipboard: What’s coming up:

  • Weekend Cohorts. Planning on continuing to run weekend cohorts with you all! Been a ton of fun and seen some EPIC results.
  • Partnerships. Looking at company partners to collab with on the book launch. As well as continuing to look for and work with Prefluencers.

🔦 MDW reader spotlight:

  • Recent weekend cohort - Pat Gostek - said “During the MDW I sold a test project to a client for 600$... Just received an email that they want to continue... it’s a 2200$ monthly retainer, essentially 26,4$ ARR !!!! HUGE thank you” 👏👏 Way to go Pat!
  • Last week - Abhishek Sinha said "💸 Getting paid customers even before you launch is the biggest validation!” 

:question: Question:

  • What was 1 highlight of your week?

Be Epic,