Is Europe underrated or overrated, and other questions...

Oct 14, 2022 12:31 pm

I hate paying full price for anything—but especially for software. I never wanted to buy a subscription product again, so I created AppSumo 12 years ago. Now it’s the #1 site for software deals for startups. Check it out—save money.

Howdy amigo, here's 3 fun nuggets to make your week even better...

🔍 Answering Your Questions #13


We’re back with another Q&A! 

This episode is a segment from a recent live stream I did with AppSumo, where I’m answering 3 main questions:

  • Is Europe underrated or overrated?
  • How can you acquire customers WITHOUT paid advertising?
  • How can you create a SaaS product for your existing audience when you don’t know how to code?

If you want to watch the full livestream replay, you can catch it here. But if you just want to listen to me answer these 3 questions, check it out on Spotify here and Apple Podcasts here.

📚 The Gatekeepers


This book is SUPER interesting. Especially for entrepreneurs and how important your #2 can be.

The chiefs of staff at the White House have a LOT of power:

  • They decide who is allowed to see the president
  • They negotiate with congress to push the POTUS's agenda
  • And they get access to the president basically all the time

An entire presidency can live and die based on who’s in charge.

Worth reading no matter where you fall on the political spectrum.

⚖️ Smart Scale


Lately I’ve been getting fat. Too many tacos and cervezas. 

Instead of changing my diet, I bought a wireless scale. I go on it reluctantly every morning.

It’s been (not surprisingly) helpful in changing my behavior. Yay 6-pack abs, not 6-pack of beer belly.

This is the one I grabbed: $29 Smart Scale.

Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan

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