MDW launch team - september 11/2023 update

Sep 11, 2023 3:22 pm

Happy Monday! Wanted to share book updates….

:white_check_mark: What happened:

  • Speaking Points Prep. Beginning to work on the key ideas, stories, and lessons I want to share when I go on podcasts, interviews, book tour… For yourself - how can you make it so when you present, you’re presenting your very best…
  • MDW Resources. Starting to build out a MASSIVE library of templates, videos, and step-by-step guides. I want people to take ACTION when they read so it’s on me to make it as actionable as I can.
  • MDW Product Bundles. Putting together some fun books bonus bundles for everything an entrepreneur would need to help them on their MDW 😎

:clipboard: What’s coming up:

  • Weekend Cohorts. Continuing to run weekend cohorts with you all! Keep your eyes on the Slack channel #general for announcements.
  • Bulk Buys. Reaching out to more companies/accelerators/incubators on bulk buying the book. It feels like a super high leverage activity to drive pre-sales. My goal is 25,000 total book sales within 7 days of launch. Focuses my attention on big levers.

🔦 MDW reader spotlight:

  • Recent weekend cohort - Aswin - wrote a snippet in his newsletter about his MDW and said “In the end, these experiments didn’t come away with the outcomes I was hoping for. But they’re experiments. We keep iterating until the goals are met 💪."  Love the experimentation mentality Aswin! 👏👏 

:question: Question:

  • What's ONE improvement you're focused on in your current journey?

Be Epic,