Turning $5000 into $2.6 billion

Dec 30, 2022 1:31 pm

Last email before the New Year... This New Year’s Eve, I’m trying something different. No hype, no fireworks, and no expectations that as it strikes midnight I have to be doing something super special. Just a quiet night inside with snacks and some friends celebrating at 10 pm. 

Have a great 2023—hope it’s your best year ever!


🤑 The $2.6 Billion Printing Company


Y’all LOVED Kinko’s founder Paul Orfalea in my last video, so I’m sharing his whole interview.

It’s an hour long, but 100% worth it.

There’s just some things only a 75-year-old entrepreneur can teach about life and business that really puts things into perspective.

Don’t miss this one.

📱 Airalo eSIM


Used Airalo (referral link) to get an eSIM while I’m out here in Spain.

Love how easy it is. 

No more finding a SIM card once I land, or scraping by on sketchy WiFi.

Check it out next time you travel. (Non affiliate link)

🥷 Get Past Content Paywalls


Archive.Today is my new favorite paywall bypassing hack.

Just drop the URL and wait a couple minutes for it to load.

So far it’s worked for me every time.

Shhh—don’t tell.

Be Epic,

Noah “Everything Bagel” Kagan

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