Poker + giveaway

Aug 26, 2022 12:31 pm

Recently my good friend Billy Murphy told me something weird about eating that stuck with me.

He doesn’t do anything else but focus on the food while he eats. No podcast, no reading, no music, no Noah’s YouTube channel, nothing. 

Just enjoying each bite and being present with it.

I don’t do it all the time but since hearing that, I’ve definitely made an effort to just be with the food. It makes the meals feel more special and creates time for me to connect better with myself. 

Give it a try.


📅 TidyCal


Our team at AppSumo Originals released AMAZING TidyCal updates recently…

  • Schedule meetings and bookings with people easier for FREE
  • Manage group bookings like your weekly classes, mastermind calls, and more
  • Offer in-person or online booking types

To celebrate, I’ll pick one person who replies to me with their TidyCal link in the next 72 hours.

You’ll win a free 15-min call with me + $350 Minaal carry-on bag in black.

Stop paying monthly for Calendly.

Click here to create your FREE TidyCal.

💰 Making $3 Million/Year Playing Poker


Jared Bleznick dropped out of college to play online poker. (Don’t try that at home, kids.)

But it worked out. He started with $1000, and in his prime made $3 million/year.

I sat down with him and found out:

  • How much money he lost in a single hand
  • What he spends money on (and regrets spending on)
  • Which celebrities actually have a good poker game

Find out what it’s like to win and lose big at poker.

💯 The Law of 100


People quit something before they know whether they’re ACTUALLY good or bad at it.

That’s why I do the Law of 100. No matter what you want to do—get TikTok famous, get jacked, or get married… Do 100 reps.

Post 100 videos. Do 100 pushups a day. Go on 100 first dates.

Whatever it is, just do it 100 times. You aren’t allowed to stop until you’ve done 100.

After 100, you can make an educated decision to continue or stop. 

Learn more about The Law of 100.

Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan

Ps. I love my Minaal backpack. This is not sponsored. I travel with it everywhere and have so for the past 5+ years. Show them some love for hooking up the giveaway 🙌

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